View Full Version : Finally it has arrived...

1/16/2004 7:13pm,
XFM, the latest MMA magazine is finally due for release.

Issue 1 comes out on the 31st of January and will feature interviews with Elvis Sinosic and Shannon F16 Forrester. Top this off with indepth reports of all Australian MMA shows, instructional content aswell as columns from people such as Luke Beston and Bas Rutten and this magazine is sure to be a success within the MMA community.

Magazine shall be bi monthly, full colour, and full gloss. There is a unfinished trial website up at the moment, at www.XFmagazine.com (full site online 20th January)

If anyone has any questions, wants to see some screen shots of the quality of the layout, wants to advertise, or is just plain bored, drop me an email at [email protected]