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4/25/2009 12:24pm,
I'm from Texas. Or more specifically Austin, the only part of Texas that I don't consider to be Texas.
I've trained in the following fighting styles in this order: Karate, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do. I like JKD a lot, but I want to compliment it with something and that's mainly why I'm here. JKD doesn't offer much along the lines of ground-fighting and I'm really interested in learning BJJ. I'm looking for a training partner in Austin who would be willing to teach me BJJ and would be interested in learning JKD. I've tried looking on sites like craigslist, but that's proven to be completely useless. Anybody have any advice on a good way to find a good training partner locally? I'm going to post in the Throwdown section as well, but I was wondering if there's any other avenues to finding training partners that anybody knows of.

4/25/2009 1:14pm,
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