View Full Version : Can someone give me proof about this Kajukenbo school in Oakland?

4/21/2009 1:32am,

According to this poster on Bulshido, there's supposedly a school in Oakland that had conflicts with drug dealers or something. I find that to be really cool and interesting, but also a very serious claim to make. I've heard rumors elsewhere about Kajukenbo schools on the West Coast having conflicts like this, but I would really appreciate it if some Bulshido goons here would give me some links to reputable web sites that talk aobut that Cascos school in Oakland or whatever that fended off drug dealers or something? Much appreciated (If you guys can find a good article). I've all ready tried looking on Google, but no luck, so this is my last internet research stop.

And also, this subject is kind of serious to me sense I'm a student of Kajukenbo as well.

4/23/2009 8:19pm,
First, it's since. Not sense. Since I'm a student of Kajukenbo... There's some great Kaju in Hawaii, I'm not too sure about the mainland though I've seen some that OK.

Anyway, no one knows **** about Oakland around here. Don't you know that we are all upper class haoles? Now maybe in Piedmont or up in the hills we'd know all about what was happening. But ghetto drug vs Kaju? Sounds way too ethnic to me.

Signed, the only Ha'ole in Palama.

4/23/2009 10:49pm,
But ghetto drug vs Kaju? Sounds way too ethnic to me.

Signed, the only Ha'ole in Palama.
Uhh. . .Palama is poretty ghetto, man!


4/23/2009 11:20pm,
I'm the Eminem of martial arts.

And I just dunno why no other ha'oles on O'ahu can make it down to the Kalakaua Rec Center to work out, maybe lower Kalihi is da kine?

Kid Metallica
4/25/2009 5:23am,
What Martial arts school do you go to barbados slim?