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4/19/2009 1:25pm,
Am thinking of this school for mma and I whant your guys advice on the school to make sure its not bullshido. I am planning to attend a free class that is offered here is the link http://www.browninstitute.xtra-site.com/
andy advice would be greatly appreciated.

4/19/2009 11:52pm,
All though the Fma guys sound well qualified I can't say i've heard of the guy teaching it. THe guys he claims to have learned from are reputable though. The MMA who knows? Others here can give better advice than me. All I can say is if your new to martial arts the class should be very challenging to you when you try it out. I think I was sore for a month when I started training FMA, and I had 1.5 years Mcdojo trainging before that (wow!). You'll probably know on some level is the place is BS after the first class. BUt then again if you don't know at all what to look for you can be easily fooled.

4/20/2009 4:46am,
it looks similar to the jkd school i train at, and i love it there, if its affiliated to the dog brothers and renzo the BJJ and FMA background is solid. And Guru Dan is a JKD legend.

I'd check it out and see if they do competitions, if you really want MMA then it won't be an mma gym, but if you want to learn a live training style it seems to offer loads of very good systems that you'd use to train in mma.

Give feedback once you've gone