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4/17/2009 4:21pm,
Hi, I finally decided to register here.

It's actually a funny story how it happened. I accidentally stumbled upon this silly show "Deadliest Warrior" and after watching it, I remembered of Bullshido and though "these guys we'll find some serious flaws in this show, I've gotta go and read it". Thus, I came here and decided to register as well to get rid of all these annoying notifications.

Considering myself, I'm a computer and internet geek and a Larper from a small Eatern Europe country Latvia. However before you start bashing me (because I know that LARPer here is a swear word) - I'd just like to point out that I've also trained a little in fencing and for a long time we've been doing some amateur medieval swordsmanship training using wooden, but mainly padded weapons.

What I wanted to tell that here we do not pretend that we're recreating historically something or that we're great warriors. We do try to make LARPing process somewhat more like what historically sword fighting could have been (length, form and weigth of padded weapons is adjusted to resemble as much as possible it) and we've been studying and reading into the modern research in this field (for instance TheArma materials and John Clements' books). So we're trying some grounded and critical approach and we overall are in favour of historic accuracy (not popular historic accuracy) and effectiveness. For instance, I don't believe in ninjas, superb shaolin monks and other bullshit.

Well, enough about me.

Cougar Spirit
4/29/2009 2:47pm,
Welcome to Bullshido. Hope you enjoy the site and can filter through the BS.