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10/30/2002 6:42pm,
I dont know where my post is, sorry, but here it is again. I was thinking about going here... any opinions??? or know of a better school...



10/30/2002 6:53pm,
yeah, it looks like a good place to learn wrestling but martial arts? Doubtful! - just my opinion.

Heavyweight Bone Crushing Muther Fucka!

10/30/2002 7:03pm,
You do realize that wrestling IS a Martial Art.

Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invinsible Asia) Emporer of Baji!!! THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST THE UNITED AUSSIE FRONT!!

10/30/2002 7:11pm,
The Raw Team? Hell yeah they're good. Ricco Rodriguez try to set up their kickboxing expert. They are good. Thumbs up...

Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

DJ Coldfusion
10/30/2002 7:19pm,
A BJJ black belt, Muay Thai, a few world class wrestlers with a **** load of MMA experience?!? Hmmm . . . WTFAYT? (What The **** Are You Thinking)

If you can go there then take advantage if it and just GO!

10/30/2002 7:25pm,
Thanks guys, Im planning on training there.... just wanted some advice from some other people..... once again thanks...

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10/30/2002 9:06pm,
Wrestling is for romosexuals!!! Sweaty men slipping and grinding against each other. LOL!

Maybe they should rename wrestling to ROMOLING!

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10/30/2002 10:43pm,
Mr. Balloon aparently is a closet wrestler...

10/30/2002 11:15pm,
Even if you don't know anything about the school, the names Vladimir Matyushenko and Frank Trigg should make you want to check the place out.

10/30/2002 11:17pm,
lol at ballonknot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/31/2002 1:40pm,

You for got to add:


Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invinsible Asia) Emporer of Baji!!! THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST THE UNITED AUSSIE FRONT!!

10/31/2002 2:16pm,
I'd love to see "Ballooncock" go to a wrestling club and call them queer, before having his head slammed through the mat.

10/31/2002 3:41pm,
First of all, I would study wrestling anyday over Brazilian JJ. Why bother with a fake and copycat martial art like BJJ when you can learn the ancient deadly art of romoling.....? By the way, maybe it's just me, but wrestling (and BJJ) seem to have homosexual overtones. Think about it. One man gets on his "knees" to start a "game" of "submission" - then, the other man "MOUNTS" him. Now you tell me, doesn't that sound at least a bit ROMO? Come on be truthful.

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10/31/2002 3:46pm,
Try saying that while being choked.

I notice "Brazil" under your name, why don't you take a little trip to the Gracie Barra academy and mouth off there ?

No ?

Thought not.

10/31/2002 5:07pm,
I've been and I'm not impressed SLJ! But in the interest of human relations I wouldn't "mouth off" to anyone not even the BIG BAD BRAZILIANS!

SO **** off and have a cup of tea mate!

Heavyweight Bone Crushing Muther Fucka!

10/31/2002 5:32pm,
**** you asshole.

But the tea sounds good, I might take your advice on that one.

*goes to get cup of tea, milk and one sugar*