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4/08/2009 1:18pm,
Hello Everyone! oops! Its very nice to be here. I m a Dr. and senior rugby player too. I am here to share and to learn with you about some best diet formulas!

4/08/2009 5:51pm,
Rugby's practically a Martial Art. Hell, it's more "Martial" than a lot of them.


4/09/2009 8:18am,
Yep, a local rugby player has told me some stories about games. He's a karate bb and has cage fought (and loves wrestling, is strong and healthy and I actually hate his guts). He told me how he kimura'd a BYU Samoan asshole who was playing dirty - k'd the ball carrying arm and threw the BYU guy hard.

4/09/2009 11:39am,
Welcome to Bullshido!