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4/08/2009 9:02am,
I'm a brand spanking new member of the forum, I began training at the Hong Luck Kung Fu Club in Toronto little more than a month ago and I'm hoping to acquire some good advice on this site to assist in that training (and my fitness in general).

I've never been particularly interested in sports or exercise, but my recent experiences have been fantastic and I've never felt this strong, flexible and full of energy before - and I want to learn more.

If anyone can locate the Hong Luck Kung Fu Club in the Review section of this site and point it out to me, that would be wonderful (here is the website of the school: http://www.hongluck.org/index.html)

Cougar Spirit
4/29/2009 2:40pm,
Welcome to Bullshido. Now that you are here, please take advantage of reading the stickies, they help a lot.