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4/06/2009 9:44pm,
Hi guys,

I'm a Choy Li Fut practitioner with dabbling experience in a bunch of other Asian styles. I've found that I'm fairly good at very short ranges (within 1.5 feet) but I have a lot of trouble breaking in to said range against opponents signifcantly larger than myself.

I came onto here to investigate the usefulness of Wing Chun, as I understand it was developed by a woman (whose opponents would typically have larger reach and strength), and could help me bridge the gap.

That's all.

4/09/2009 7:46pm,
Welcome Tangent! I can't help you with the Wing Chun, although I've heard that it is very difficult to find someone who teaches it in an effective manner. Have you given any thought to trying Judo?

4/09/2009 10:07pm,
Yes, actually. I've always been relatively weak in the grappling, in terms of technical skill. I'm planning on taking Judo once a week in addition to Wing Chun; it'll help me fill the gaps in my knowledge.

4/10/2009 12:24am,
Welcome! Take a while to check out the site, especially bullshido.org is a nice place for the "official" stances of the site. I'm afraid you won't find many Wing Chun supporters, but the ones that do are usually the better people to listen to when it comes to the art.

The biggest thing - as with any style - is to pressure test it, get full resistance (if not full contact) sparring in with people from your gym or even better people outside your gym. That will give you the best evaluation whether what you're doing is effective.