View Full Version : Capoeira for the win

4/06/2009 5:31pm,
MMA match with some crazy Capoeira kicks. It looks like the non-Capoeira fighter is perplexed by the kicking style of his opponent. There's a huge slap on the knockout.

YouTube - Crazy 20 second Capoeira MMA Knockout! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6oiADjOdFg)

Rancid Pantaloons
4/06/2009 5:47pm,
this was posted in the mma forum but ok.

4/06/2009 6:14pm,
Kudos for the guy getting a knockout with that kick but bleh for giving ammo to the retards that say, "every martial art is worthwhile." Which is, by the way, already starting on the Youtube comments.

4/06/2009 7:09pm,
this was posted in the mma forum but ok.

I just saw the other thread. I did a search, yet, I still mess it up. I give up.

4/06/2009 7:20pm,
He had a great sense of distance.