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4/04/2009 7:35pm,
Hey new here. I trained Karate for about 7 years through Middle School and High School. Then kinda feel out of practice for a few years. Now I am 24 and back in school and joined a MMA club that just started up on campus this semester and been training in Jujitsu and Muay Thai with them since feb and really loving getting back into the arts. This site has been a great source of info and now planing on transfering out to an out of state school some time next year since there isn't much in the way of good MMA gyms here in NC.

4/04/2009 8:03pm,
There's a robot thang that is supposed to say something, so I'll just say welcome to Bullshido and train hard and train smart.

4/05/2009 3:54pm,
As for me, I'm piggy-backing on your post to get that ridiculous "Our records indicate that you have never posted on Bullshido." note out of the way...Hope you don't mind :)

Cougar Spirit
4/29/2009 2:38pm,
Welcome to Bullshido...to both of you.