View Full Version : would guys take a look at this MMA school for me? Tell me what you think?

4/01/2009 9:01am,
So ive been training in Shorin Ryu for about a year now, its fun and everything but what i really want is some Muay Thai and BJJ, this school is the only one in the area that teaches either and i want to know what you guys think about this guy, he has limited experience in both but he does pretty well in the local king of the cage

heres the site


4/01/2009 3:00pm,
From his bio he started training BJJ in 2006, didn't say what belt he was but I'd guess probably a blue. Didn't say how much Muay Thai experience he has other than "attended a camp in Thailand". First I'd find out where he is doing his BJJ training and how is he working towards advancing himself. Especially as probably a blue belt. Also more details about his Muay Thai experience would help.

But if it's the only game in town and that is what you want to do sounds like you don't have much choice. Hard to believe that is the only place though.

See if they have intro classes and if so take one and come back and tell us what happens. Or see if there is a Michigan throwdown group here or check some of the other forums like lockflow or Sherdog and see if anyone else can tell you more.

4/01/2009 3:17pm,
eh, it's worth checking out. first time is always free....