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1/09/2004 6:10pm,
My parents just told me about an hour ago that they were gonna stop paying for my MA training. My solution is to get a job which i already needed to do, find an affordable place to train. So i'm thinkin find a ghetto boxin gym or judo school or something along these lines in toronto. I do alot of work at my school cause i'm the President so i'm really busy so if i could find a place to spar on weekends that would be great. I can work my cardio and hit the weight room at school during the week. But yeah any affordable school anyone can reccomend? I live near yonge and eglington so the closer it is the better any help would be appreciated?

1/09/2004 6:30pm,
1. Go to U-Toronto's Hart House.
2. Buy an external membership (unsure of price, but less than a year at an MA school)
3. Join the U-of-T Martial Arts Alliance Saturdays at 2PM in the Hart House Judo room.

If you have $60 left over it buys a term of Judo.

1/09/2004 7:24pm,
I've found a submission wrestling group... $5 per day or $40 for 3 months. they train on the weekends.

I'm gonna swing by on sunday or tomorrow the 10th.

1/09/2004 7:42pm,
I just found this too on the mma.tv site... http://www.zeerebel.com/mma/submissionwrestling.html

watch the footage... the teacher seems very skilled. I'm going to check him out too.

The price is reasonable as well... 14 classes 100 bucks. It's only one class a week though... every sunday.

1/09/2004 8:06pm,
yeah he looks like he knows his stuff, thnx for the link i'm gonna look into that once i finish my exams. Let me know about the first place that you mentioned as well thnx alot

1/10/2004 12:35am,
"I live near yonge and eglington so"

eglington = Eglinton
you damned newb!

now come to Guelph

1/10/2004 4:06am,
I say move

1/10/2004 2:57pm,
go to www.toronto.com

enter "boxing"

There are a few places...the Cabbagetown gym produced Sean O'Sullivan (silver medalist back in the 80s or 90s) and some other notables. It's also a youth center, so it should be cheaper. Dunno how close it is to you, but it's on TTC lines.

1/10/2004 7:13pm,
thnx crimson