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3/26/2009 11:32am,
Hey all, figured after being signed up for over a month it would be a good time to stick a post here. Im a 20 year old from wales whos only got into martial arts and combat sports within the last six months or so.

I started with krav maga in september last year and still do that at the moment recently passing my practioner level one grading.

After enjoying krav maga my i decided to try some other things aswell, one of my instructors takes brazilian jujitsu aswell for its sporting elements and gave me the details of a class near by. I now study in krav maga, BJJ, MMA and kick boxing. I usualy have between 4 and 5 classes a week depending on what i can make time for.

Anyone on the forum from swansea?

Let the pisstakes commence.

3/26/2009 2:00pm,
You must be pisstaken. Welcome to BS. What goes on at a KM grading?

3/26/2009 2:13pm,
It depends on the levels. Earler levels seem to be all about technique. Just strikes and basic choke and head lock escapes aswell as simple knife defense. (I say simple knife defense but its not simple if someone actualy has a knife lol) it was alot of drilling and physicaly a beasting. In later levels of the grading (there were some p3's and p4's there) They had sparing and defending against multiple opponents. The guys had to keep distance defend from attacks and attack the opponents all while trying to manage space and not get surrounded. This happened when they were already physicaly exasted from the drilling.