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3/25/2009 12:28am,
YouTube - Godfather's of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts in Pittsburgh -1979) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s07vn3P8Z5A)

3/25/2009 12:36am,
"a little blood doesnt hurt anybody" damn they were keeping it real in the 70's. too bad they dont mention what backgrounds the winners have, I noticed some had those full contact karate pants although they could have also been running pants :icon_tong

3/25/2009 12:41am,
Hell yeah! Figures this went down in Steel Town! Was this a one-off event? Oh duh, there's a website...

btw, hilarious commentator!

3/25/2009 1:11am,
That is unreal.

We have got to find more about this.

3/25/2009 2:09am,
The announcer was great:
"... the rules are about mostly what you can do, not what you can't do. You can punch, pin, cry, bend, bounce, batter, kick, toss, drop, knee, pound, pummel..."

3/25/2009 2:58am,
He totally said pry.

3/26/2009 12:12am,
It'd be interesting to see how the promoters came up with the show. Were they directly inspired by Vale Tudo, or did they come up with the same idea seperately?

3/26/2009 1:12am,
Looks like fun! Was this a one time thing? or did they have a league of sorts going on?
The sound on my computer isn't working, so sorry if they covered that in the audio.

3/26/2009 10:32pm,
Thta was so sweet!! What amazing hair :)

3/27/2009 12:34am,
I must purchase this soundtrack! It should be someones entrance music...

3/27/2009 1:53am,
Very cool!

Too bad it didn't take off back then.

Matt Phillips
3/27/2009 9:59am,
Awesome. Thanks Steve! I'm pretty sure this is Gary Alexander's 'Kickfighting' which was basically 70's Shootboxing.

Seeing the crowd, it reminds me of how much scrappier American's were when I was growing up. This is before 'Yuppie' was even a word. G-d I miss it.

YouTube - PROPOSTEROUS HOCKEY FIGHTS 3: THE BIG BAD BRUINS (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h833IR2BPQ)

Edit: found this

An Act amending the act of August 31, 1955 (P. L. 531, No.
131), entitled "Pennsylvania Athletic Code." regulating kick
boxing: further regulating amateur boxing; establishing a Statr
boxing register; providing for medical training seminars; requiring
certain emergency medical equipment to be at site of certain
events; further providing for suspension; further defining
referee's role in boxing contest; prohibiting tough guy contests or
battle of the brawlers contests; and providing a penalty.

From 1983.

Matt Phillips
3/27/2009 10:11am,
There was also this:
YouTube - Benny Urquidez vs. Dana Goodson World Karate Championships (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yblJ9VqHW8w)

World Series Of Martial Arts in 1974. Basically San Shou + Judo (Throws and Ne waza for pin)

Matt Phillips
3/27/2009 11:10am,

3/27/2009 11:54am,

the village people sponsored tough guy contests?

Matt Phillips
3/27/2009 12:00pm,
the village people sponsored tough guy contests?

All cumers welcome! Sailors, Policemen, Cowboys, Construction Workers, Bikers...