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1/09/2004 7:43am,
Next technique....in keeping with what I said in the "palm strike"....

Is this one of the best ways to bring to ground?
Doesn't it involve the twisting of the waste after capturing the leg as you are going to ground?

1/09/2004 7:48am,
single leg rocks------ i use it in judo all the time. Against a judoka it is normally pretty difficult to be able to get a takedown by just driving through so you have to see it more as an entry point into your game. by this i mean that you will often have to do more of a leg drag to the off-side or step in and ko-uchi the standing leg. My recent fave is to get the leg then turn in and uchi-mata the standing leg

1/09/2004 7:49am,
How do you set it up? Do you even have to set it up or just go for it?

1/09/2004 7:54am,
Not meaning to change the subject but has anyone found a pracical need for forward or reverse footseeps. You know you croutch doen on the balls of your feet while one leg goes spinning to try and knock your opponant off his feet?

1/09/2004 7:56am,
Different technique I think.... Start a thread and lets discuss.

1/09/2004 7:57am,
Don't forget to use your foot to hook around the ankle of the leg your are attacking.
As a set up, work the head, to get his hands up, maybe a few low kicks just above the knee to keep him honest. Do try to work the takedown from in close rather than shooting in all the time.

1/09/2004 7:58am,
Good point Ronin.... In fact aren't most of these techniques more effective in close.... I mean don't you kind of telegraph more from farther out?

1/09/2004 7:59am,
yep, quite. And doing it in close negates some of the effectivness of the sprawl.

1/09/2004 8:02am,
I forgot to mention discussing counters.... Thanks Ronin... Is the knee also a way to counter the takedown? Or is the sprawl the best.....

1/09/2004 8:05am,
Trying to knee someone leaves you on one leg and off balance, since the takedown involves slaming your bodyweight into the opponents center of gravity, this lack of balance negates the power that a knee stike can have, but you can always try and get lucky.

Matt W.
1/09/2004 8:06am,

The single is a great technique, and it works better for me than the double. However, it is not really one technique. The term "Single Leg Takedown" simply refers to going for a single leg in executing the takedown. However, there are many variations of it, many different set-ups for it, and many different finishes for it.

For example, here's one finish called running the pipe... http://www.themat.com/technique/runthepipe/default.asp

There's also one called the tree top where you lift the lge very high and dump the guy on his butt. There's several sweeps you can do off a single. You can do low singles where you grab the ankle and drive your shoulder into the shin/calf and take them down. Also, you can set up singles off several different tie-ups including collar and elbow, wrist control, and things like that.


1/09/2004 8:08am,
i normally set it up by a few methods:

attack their legs with foot sweeps

get a really good control- then pull them forward hard- so that their rear foot becomes their lead foot and is very close

remove their grips and in the split second where there is no control -- shoot

with judo you are pretty much close in enough for single legs most of the time

1/09/2004 8:08am,
sprawl!!!!----preferrably whilst throwing head shots

Matt W.
1/09/2004 8:10am,
Yeah, kneeing would be almost impossible when it's done off a tie-up. Sprawl works well, of course. But don't forget the whizzer as a counter too!


1/09/2004 8:47am,
The single leg is a great technique. I prefer to shoot from the clinch, precisely for the reason that ronin69 mentioned -- there's better stuff you can do there to set it up and it's tougher for the guy to read what you're doing and sprawl. If you're going to shoot from a non-clinch striking range, then I find it works best against someone that's expecting you to strike. In several free-sparring sessions, I've been able to successfully shoot from farther distance than normal by throwing some legit punches and kicks to get my opponent's hands up and his attention focused on where I'm aiming for on his head.

As far as the actual shoot, I rarely actually shoot in with the intention of a single or double leg takedown. If the guy's of smaller stature than me, then I'm usually scooping for the double and vice versa. Either way, though, depending on his reaction to my shot is what dictates the type of takedown I'll do, whether it's single or double, lifting up, driving through or sweeping.

1/09/2004 8:50am,
As far as defenses go, I do think the best one is to sprawl. Depending on how succussfully you sprawl, you might have openings for a guillotine choke, crossface into a neck crank, shucking into an armbar, etc. I like the whizzer, but if a guy reads it and has a good counter, he can quickly take your back (lots of wrestlers haven't trained to defend against this).