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3/17/2009 1:53pm,
Hi good afternoon. I am in vacation in Bolivia riht now and will return in 2 weeks from today. For whatever reason, I really need information on any mcdojos located in Rhode Island for a project. i mean the worst, Rex Kwon Do joints you can think of. However even higher quality mcdojos will do if no really commercial places are available in the state. I will appreciate any help:icon_quee

Ming Loyalist
3/17/2009 1:59pm,
you put this in the wrong forum, and obviously did not read the stickies at the top of the forum.

you might want to start by reading those, and hope that a mod moves this thread.

3/17/2009 2:06pm,
well I apologize, but on the other hand I figured ´´to look for a scam should be in the forum discussing scams´´. I dont log on all the time (or usually at all) and just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a really bad mcdojo for a project.

Also, if your ming loyalist, you must not like Puyi a whole lot huh?