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3/12/2009 10:04am,
Hello Bullshido.
Been lurking for quite a while, and decided to join.
first off i'm an Israeli and a veteran of the IDF (as well as on active reserves), i was in the army a shooting instructor (probably the best self defense system, but they take away your rifle when you're done).
anyhow, I trained as a kid for 3 years in classical goju-ryu karate, and then in high-school I trained in traditional Ji do Kwan (http://www.jidokwan.com.au/) for about 3-4 years, on and off with army service. the JDK training was great, specially for the attitude and the fact it had nothing to do with olympic TKD, but we sparred all the time, and the teacher brought a lot of stuff from kyokushin, so we were doing low-kicks and all sorts of stuff. this long paragraph, was just to remind people that some TKD schools are good, so long as they have a good attitude and they teach well...
now I'm in my last year of university, and I'm dying to get back to training, the only decent school I found was AKBAN (http://www.akban.org) which is a superb school, that really does teach just about everything, lots of judo and BJJ, along with some striking, with zero bullshit handed to you. Unfortunately that didn't fit in to my school schedule so i had to leave after 4 classes.
the problem is I have a medical problem with strikes to the abdomen, as they can be particularly dangerous to me, so what i really want to learn is Judo, but it's hard to find a judo school in Israel that teaches adults... (i may have found one!).
my question is do people who do grapple, think there's a danger of getting struck in the abdomen while grappling? i have strong abs, and no problem exerting myself but a strong roundhouse could send me to the hospital... so any suggestions or opinions are welcomed.
thanks, and sorry this was so long...

3/12/2009 11:00am,
Ask people not to do knee-on-belly and you should be fine.

3/12/2009 5:19pm,
thanks for the quick reply, not too worried about it, if only form the few grappling lessons I've had, i think I'll ask this question in the judo forum which is what i want to study really, but you can never have too much information

Sam Browning
3/12/2009 6:06pm,
Hi Gidi:

Do you know of this particular tool?

FIGHT THIS! - No BS Martial Arts (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=16316)

We call him crouching tiger, hidden rabbi.

3/12/2009 6:33pm,
Oh my god, that's hilarious
no i don't know him, and it's funny cause i was looking at just about any martial arts gym in Jerusalem...
that has got to be some of the most ridiculous MA I've ever seen, what is that supposed to be? how does anyone including himself take that seriously?
that **** gives a bad name to all Jewish and Israeli martial artists, which is kind of sad, cause MA is relatively big here

3/12/2009 11:52pm,
Hey Gidi,

I have a question for you:

Why are Israeli women so ridiculously hot? Is there something in the water?

3/13/2009 6:20am,
good question Ka-Bar, i have often wondered about the same issue... by water do you mean the lack thereof?
but to try and answer this question with some seriousness (as it is a very serious matter), my best answer would probably be mixture...
Israel, not unlike the US, is mostly an immigrant country, and people immigrate here from all over, as in north Africa, Europe, S. America, N. America, east Europe, and just about everywhere (we Jews sure get around) so my guess is that the mix really helps... hope that answers your question.
also, be aware of the fact that sports illustrated is not (unfortunately) a real representation of Israeli women, just a few of them, most of the time it feels like too few...

3/13/2009 7:24am,
Welcome to the posting world, Gidi. Always good to see a new face from the shadows.

Wait, wait. You're saying that girls all dont look like the ones in the magazines?! ****... ;)

In referance to your original question:
Like white said, grappling does involve putting weight on your stomach, so as long as you let your partner know this they should be all fine.
Be careful though, if its really an issue, of newer guys. They tend to jump in without thinking to much, so pay attention to what they're doing.

Matt Phillips
3/13/2009 8:32am,
Hey Gidi,

I have a question for you:

Why are Israeli women so ridiculously hot? Is there something in the water?

Big brown eyes.
Big boobs.

3/14/2009 8:34am,
Big brown eyes.
Big boobs.

can't argue with that logic...

3/14/2009 12:07pm,
This site needs moar jewz. welcome aboard, white_kimbo will be here to jew it up shortly :)

But yeah, you should be fine, even with knee on belly. If a strong roundhouse is what hurts you, well, just don't let the fattest dude in the gym knee-ride you!

vaquero de las nalgas
3/14/2009 4:32pm,
Welcome to Bullshido. Hopefully you can get some good advice here.

You may be near some of the best Bujinkan schools outside of Japan. I doubt you would be punched/kicked in the abdomen much there. Judo is also a good choice.

3/14/2009 5:03pm,
There's also some good BJJ schools in the center of Israel, for instance:

Their symbol is the jewish version of Bullshido's bull:

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What are you studying in Jerusalem BTW? Are you in the Hebrew University?
I also lived there in the dorms (in Givat Ram campus) and practiced Aikido in the MA center near Teddy stadium. (Thats were the Ninjutsu guys train also).

3/14/2009 5:35pm,
Hey guys, thanks for the welcome...
I do live in jerusalem and go to Hebrew U. And I did take 4 classes with the ninjutsu guys i think you're referring to, but the coach I worked with was a different one from the same school, the school by the way is AKBAN, and it was great fun. but it didn't fit in with my classes schedule, so I couldn't keep it up.
right now I'm not training in any MA, just going to the gym and pool to stay in some shape. I live in the dorms but not the Givat-Ram campus, the Har-Hatzofim campus, and they only offer aikido, which i tried but didn't like and one guy who teaches JJJ, and I felt he wasn't serious, in the sense that he didn't care enough for safety, which is obviously the first thing i look for in any MA dojo (I noticed, that nobody mentions the importance of safety, in the "how to pick a dojo" articles - but I'm new here so I might be wrong).
But sense this is my last semsester i decided to just wait and not try to commute by bus for 40 min. to more than an hour (Fucking Jerusalem traffic) to the only decent dojo I found, and instead find out exactly where I will be living next year and then probably start training judo here (http://www.budokan.org.il/pages/home.html), which looks like a great place, and i talked to the head coach on the phone, and he seems very cool.
so hopefully that works out, because i really miss it, there's nothing quite like it.

3/17/2009 11:11am,
shalom gidi, and welcome to bullshido, i do hope you have great success in your study of judo, ISRAEL LIVES!

Sam Browning
3/17/2009 11:17am,
Hi Rich,

Chuck was trying to get in contact with you. Please return his phone calls.