View Full Version : inter-gender bjj champion

milwaukee cop
1/08/2004 2:12pm,
can i justly claim this title?:)

milwaukee cop
1/08/2004 2:17pm,
andy kaufman was the inter- gender wrestling champ but the title is now vacant

1/08/2004 2:18pm,
You can be the inter-gender BJ champion. OK?

1/08/2004 2:18pm,
"can i justly claim this title?"

No. Well maybe. We thought Ronin had it till we found out he was a fudge packer.

milwaukee cop
1/08/2004 2:18pm,
that's cold, man.

1/08/2004 2:20pm,
Its shocking!!!! Aboslutely, positively shocking.

milwaukee cop
1/08/2004 2:22pm,
if a was grappling a brazillian chick, im kinda hoping shed pull guard, ,but it have to be no gi, no undies rules.

1/08/2004 4:28pm,

First time I got pwned was by a female blue belt who choked me out so fast....

milwaukee cop
1/08/2004 4:30pm,
was it "no gi-no undies"rules?

I am a ninja
1/08/2004 5:50pm,
Andy Kaufman is a good friend of mine, and I happen to know he has two girlfriends who both know about each other and are ok with it. Until you can top that, then no, you cannot have that title.

1/08/2004 6:20pm,
inter-gender bjj champion

You're a hermaphrodite ?!

milwaukee cop
1/08/2004 6:22pm,
no inter-gender is man vs. women, git it?