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3/02/2009 6:29pm,
After been told in massive 12341234134 sized font lettering that im a newb, i thought i would post here first so that i wont always get told in massive 1234134234 sized font that im a noob everytime i flip a page...

anyhows, im henry and i want to get into a martial art and will most likely get into muay thai and then some BJJ so i can have both striking and grappling skills. i dont know how effective this combo is (if at all) but ill find out soon enough when someone points out that its stupid.

im hk/chinese so i was going to get into wing chun then after doing some research on its effectiveness i decided on hung gar. then after reading some more, it looks like ill be getting into muay thai instead :). i considered BJJ first but my personal preference would be to learn striking skills first