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Mr. Pimptastic
3/02/2009 3:36pm,
hey yall, I'm new here... hope you guessed it.

I've done boxing and tae kwon do (almost ashamed to say it) since I was 7. I started doin mixed martial arts last august. Ive learned a teeny bit of judo from two people I've met who know it. I havent got alot of practice with it though.

but may-august I'm goin back to Raleigh NC, does anyone know a place I can go to practice things other than tae kwon do and boxing in the triangle area?

3/02/2009 8:58pm,
Welcome to Bullshido. I'd put up a thread with the title Raleigh schools?? to get some response. Pimptastic?? What a name, at least it's not fug.

Mr. Pimptastic
3/03/2009 2:22am,
haha thanks, ill try that.

3/04/2009 4:15pm,
greetings and welcome to Bullshido.

If you're not too far from Wake Forest you're always welcome to come try out a class at the Pendergrass Academy. The instructors are brown belts under Gustavo Machado. there are a couple of other places closer to downtown raleigh but i can't think of their names right offhand..hope this helps

3/04/2009 4:34pm,
This is the KO'd bot- welcome to Bullshido, post in the right places you n00b, post lurk and learn!!!!

Hi Pimptastic,

Sorry the Bots are on strike, usually they are here to welcome n00bs. Didn't want you to go away disapointed. But Fug as your first friend is better than any bot...

Have a good time here and good luck in finding a club to train at.

KO'd-bot (I*m not really a bot)

3/05/2009 7:50am,
Hey fellow newbie

Welcome to Bullshido :)

Mr. Pimptastic
3/09/2009 12:03am,
yeah I'm not far from wake forest. That school is about 30 minutes away, I'll try and check it out unless I find a good place somewhere closer creedmore first