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1/07/2004 2:30am,
here are some little tricks i have used before in sparring. not for a serious match, just fun and games.

-in close, often when grappling for position, i hook his ankle, an give him a little slap in the sack with the back of my hand.

- when guys have ponytails, i pull them to twist their neck and throw them on the ground.

- i usually have a knife in my belt when training. I am very good at drawing it in close range undetected. people get stupid looks on their face when i do this.

- when i get knocked over, but not held, i roll, kicking up with my heels to kick at their head. as i roll, i pick up some dirt, and when i pop up, i throw it in their face. i attack in sync with their response. good stuff

- as he steps in to punch, i slide my foot right along the ground and 'stub' his toe, as i step off line. oops!

-great judo move. when knocked on your back and the is opponent in over the top of you, still standing, hook both of his ankles with your hands, and wrap your legs around his from front to back or put both heels in his hip joint area. pull the ankles in and push the hips away and he will fall right on his ass.

1/07/2004 2:32am,
This has to be a joke.

1/07/2004 2:40am,
You willingly touch my sack and I'll be quoting Ezekiel 25:17 (http://www.biblegateway.com/cgi-bin/bible?passage=ezekiel+25%3A17&NIV_version=yes&language=english).

1/07/2004 2:40am,
I like the ones about drawing a knife, i do that ****. It is funny to see a person with knife against their throat

1/07/2004 2:42am,
Yeah that is a very basic sweep, would attribute it more as a BJJ thing.

1/07/2004 2:59am,
He was joking. Right guys? Right Guys? Right. Come on... the dirt thing... please tell me he is kidding. The knife thing is pretty fucking funny btw.

1/07/2004 3:00am,
I will assume this is a joke or it is a fake knife. I mean, there is noway anyone would be stupid enough to spar with a real knife even as a joke. All it takes is a throw or a misplaced strike and somoen is seriously fucked up.

1/07/2004 3:02am,

1/07/2004 3:56am,
It all sounds repulsive, disgusting and childish.

Ya want to talk about it later over a few drinks, hotstuff?

1/07/2004 4:32am,
The last one's just an ankle sweep, thanks for the "trick". I've only used it a couple of hundred times.

1/07/2004 4:53am,
I like puking, its really a great defense, that and farting in their face.

1/07/2004 4:56am,
holy jesus... you guys are about as smart as a dead hedgehog. its fairly blatantly obvious hes taking the piss, a 6 year old could figure that out.

fucking tards.

edit- ok osiris is about as smart as a dead hedehog. everyone else spotted the troll a mile away.

1/07/2004 5:00am,
This just shows that you would get killed on the street Ikken.

Freaking N00b.

I personally prefer breaking a bottle on someone's head when they try to pull guard. Or perhaps making them butt scoot into a lava flow. Of course, this is only during training.

1/07/2004 5:03am,
It's impossible to recreate a real Lava-flow in training MrMcFu. I thought you knew that.

For instant results take your training partner out to the st33t! (tm), grab hold of him and pull him to the floor. Instant Lava !

1/07/2004 5:06am,
Oh yes of course. I meant that we only simulate the lava flow, since if we really practiced what we could do, millions of innocent babies would stop breathing all over the world at the sametime.

1/07/2004 5:08am,
Quite right. You keep that power in check.