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Hey, I know some of you guys are always looking for some new DVDs to add to your collection.
This person is selling Gracies in Action 1&2 for $25.
He also has a Rickson Gracie collection-
You're looking at a collection of Rickson Gracie's Vale Tudo events + his legendary fight with Zulu on 2 DVD's. All events are in their entirety. In other words, you get the entire fight card and not just Rickson's fights.

Considered the best fighter in the Gracie clan, Rickson doesn't fight very often (no more than once every year or two). However this has only served to add to the mystique of the man known to be the lion of the Graice family. On the first disc, you get Japan Vale Tudo '94 and '95. This tournament, run by the Shooto organization, is where Rickson really made his mark in Japan. He won both years consecutively and has been considered a legend in Japan since. He has never fought an nhb tournament in the United States, so only the hard-core nhb/mma fans really know who he is. Footage of his fights is a little difficult to find. This is a chance to see the man himself in action. See Rickson demonstrate his technique as he tears through the tournament for two consecutive years and keeps his undefeated record.

On the second disc, you will see the Colosseum 2000 event plus a couple of special bonuses. The first bonus is the 1985 Vale Tudo rematch between Rickson and the giant Zulu. Rickson handed Zulu his only loss just a few years before and Zulu had been begging for a rematch. Well he got it, but the outcome was no different. The other bonus is a short SRS (Special Ring Side) Japanese TV interview done in 1996 where we see the beginnings of a proposed fight between Rickson and Japanese national hero and legendary Pancrase Champion, Masakatsu Funaki. Of course, the Colosseum 2k event is included in its entirety. There's not many fighters who carry around an aura of Royalty about them. Rickson is one of them and in Japan, it's Funaki. Even with the successes of Sakuraba in Pride and Yuki Kondo in the UFC; at the time, Funaki founder of Pancrase, was still considered the best fighter in Japan. It's too bad American fans don't know more about the man who taught submissions to Ken Shamrock.
For $35
And he has the Japan Vale Tudo Open 94 where Rickson fought and it is sold out on Ricksons website.
He is selling those for $20.
I bought all three of those DVDs from him and they are awesome.
If anyone else is interested, PM me and let me know.
I don't know how many he has left, so it might be wise to act quickly.

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Is this offer still going?