View Full Version : Anyone for Sydney Mc Throwdown

1/06/2004 12:58am,
Hey people,

Just notifying people on the board who are in Sydney if you wanna get together do some training,compare technique and form, help each other, learn off each other etc etc and afterwards go to pub and drink a bit :)

2/02/2004 2:00am,
hmm when would this be likely to occur, and where,

2/02/2004 2:41am,
Hey mate,

Uummmm i dont know, when is good for you? What area you in?

2/02/2004 4:37am,
A Mcthrowdownunder? I'm sure with a bit of preperation a Sydney gathering would work out quite well, aren't there quite a few members on the east coast? Possibly they could train/bus it for a weekend stay.

I'm just throwing in suggestions, there's no way I'd be able to make it over right now.

2/02/2004 5:24am,
Hey, well im in Sydney, i will be more thn happy to organise things for everyone.Just get people to PM me.


2/02/2004 6:51am,
Yeah....I'll even bring the meat axe.....

2/02/2004 11:52am,
Yah, i know theres quite a new members on here who are from Sydney. So i encourage everyone to come along andd just enjoy a day of training together.And afterwards, come along to the pub for a few rounds.

4/29/2005 7:55am,
i realise that this thread is quite old, i was curious if there is still people interested in meeting in sydney sometime.

6/26/2005 6:50pm,
hi just posted a similar throwdon yesterday without realising there is one here..I am keen here &* can arrange place...so are we still on or is is ti already on & can I just fit in with some frds?

6/26/2005 9:49pm,
^ lets use the new thread, this one is very old