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KuNg FooL
1/05/2004 5:35pm,
Let me start off by saying I'm not gonna lie to anybody. I study Kung Fu and I love it and think it's the greatest and want to keep studying it forever...blah blah blah. However, I am not a big guy. I'm about 5'8'' and I'm pretty skinny. As much as I love Kung Fu, I don't think it would help me much in a real fight with a bigger person, and considering my size, the majority of guys I meet are bigger. So even though I am going to continue with my Kung Fu training, what other style would you guys recommend for a smaller guy to use effectively against a larger opponent? A lot of guys that do Judo and Jujitsu talk about how effective they are, even for smaller guys, but they are all big guys themselves. I can't see myself being able to take down or overpower a bigger guy with the concept of force against force. There are two sides to every Schwartz, and I got the down side. That isn't gonna work for me. So yeah....need the info. Oh and before I forget, this is my first post, so feel free to call me newbie and rag on me all you want. (like you need my permission anyway)

1/05/2004 5:39pm,
Alot of people will say tell you to take Gracie Jiu-jitsu or judo. I also like to suggest good ole fashion wrestling.

Or you might just want to look around and find a school that teach's you all ranges of fighting, like a all around selfdefense school but if your trying to become a prized ufc fighter then this might not be for you.

Also this all my opinion, and some one is bound to give you better advice.

1/05/2004 5:41pm,
Buy a gun.

1/05/2004 5:42pm,
What Osiris said. It's pretty amazing how much you can manhandle people with the proper training, regardless of size. I've had a women half my size ties me in knots for 20-30 minutes for underestimating her and taking it easy on her because she was a female. And let me tell you, not taking it easy on her did me a whole shitwad of nothing in terms of defending myself, she straight kicked my ass all over the place.

1/05/2004 5:56pm,
how bout tai chi?

1/05/2004 6:02pm,
what's wrong with tai chi? Isn't it based on wielding and counter force with technique and skill rather than power? Wasn't the founder Yang Lu Chan said to be unsurpassable/Invincible?

1/05/2004 6:04pm,
quit your whining and pump some iron. get to the gym, girlie man!!!

and btw, STFU, n00b!!!

1/05/2004 6:04pm,
Originally posted by Strangler
what's wrong with tai chi? Isn't it based on wielding and counter force with technique and skill rather than power? Wasn't the founder Yang Lu Chan said to be unsurpassable/Invincible?
Only dumb fucks like you would believe that ****.

1/05/2004 6:06pm,
We need a sign that say's don't feed the troll's...

Bard of DorAr
1/05/2004 6:07pm,
Despite the obvious troll, let's look at why we shouldn't be suggesting taiji here.

The guy already studies a form of "kung fu" And is looking for SOMETHING ELSE to help round out the flaws in his system. And being as his concerns here are matters of bigger versus smaller and I'd guess ground game as well, why would we suggest something that doesn't specifically aim to help that?

1/05/2004 6:08pm,
nothing really helps big vs small, that's more of a matter of spirit then anything else.

1/05/2004 6:11pm,
There is enough variation in kung fu alone so he doesn't need to add another clture's style. Shui Chiao and tai chi are styles where smaller guy can defeat a larger opponent based on skill.

1/05/2004 6:24pm,
Ever feel like your slaming your head into a wall?

Bard of DorAr
1/05/2004 6:25pm,
Meteora, isn't that what we're doing with Strangler?

And Osiris, you should know that you don't use silly things like logic or what works best regaurdless in such a conversation.

1/05/2004 6:29pm,
God, I wish I could get Strangler to a throwdown to slam his head into something...knock some sense in and what not.

1/05/2004 6:30pm,
I never knew Osiris was a midget ?