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2/17/2009 4:03am,
I never understood why BJJ people wore rashies under their gi. I thought it was just to prevent the ghey spreading when you did no gi, or to spare people from getting a nipple in the eye when your gi came open.
So I'm at a very heavily ne-waza focused club now and I really do understand. being that my back is a roadmap of rubbed up pain.

I'm wondering is there any difference to a loose cut rash top, like sprawl apparently do, with a T-shirt kind of cut to them, as in do they bunch or restrict movement more, than a tighter fitting one?

Also, while I'm here, does any Kiwi/Australian know where I can get quality Gi's and Rashies? Preferably sourcing reversable mizuno judogis would be ideal. Can't track them down.

2/17/2009 4:51am,
mmafactory.com.au, go check it out, they'll have plenty to choose from.

2/17/2009 4:53am,
Thanks a bunch

2/17/2009 5:24am,
we used to have a guy at bjj who was hairy all over.
if you were unlucky you ended up with a hairy tit over your face.

reason enough to wear a rashguard for me...

oh god...the memories...

2/17/2009 8:27am,
I found the best rash guard at old navy, I **** you not. Just look in the athletics section, maybe ON has Aussie branches. Its the typical dry-wick-space-age-doo-hickey-shirt material but it has been a great add to my grappling gear collection. And cheap, too.

2/17/2009 9:03am,
I wore a rashguard to judo once. The guys there made fun of me saying only girls wore shirts under their gis. Then I armbared them, and they got really mad when I told them they just got armbared by a girl.

Uncle Skippy
2/17/2009 11:33am,
I wear a compression top (tight fitting) under my gi every time. It contains my sweat (for my training partners' benefit), keeps my gi from rubbing me raw (for my benefit), and protects my skin from anything that may be on the mat (for my wife's benefit, but I'm lucky as the place I'm at has the mats bleached every night). It also gives me the option of going no-gi if someone wants. Mobility I think is a little easier; it feels like I slide around inside my gi instead of the gi rubbing against my skin and chafing the hell out of it.

I use and highly recommend the Champion compression tops (they have long and short sleeve) because they are cheap and good construction:


Any compression top would work though. I don't like the loose-cut rash guards because they get in the way. If your partner grabs for your collar, they'll get a handful of shirt too and tear the hell out of it.

big maclol
2/17/2009 11:37am,
I like turtles.

2/17/2009 1:14pm,
I found the Champion moisture wicking t-shirts at BJ recently for about $10 USD each and they work great as a rash guard. It is loose fitting like a regular t-shirt.

I also have compression t's from Magnum and Under Armour, and both work great as well. I notice less fatigue as well in the compression t's.

2/17/2009 5:48pm,
Kmart and Target have basic rashies for like $15. I've got two, and have found them to be no less effective than my $60 Dragon FIghtwear one.

http://www.fushida.ca is a great place to order Gis from - they give you a sizing chart, you measure yourself, fill it in, and send it back, and they will give you the best possible fitting Gi. The quality is great, and the price is quite good for an online purchase.

A few guys at my old judo club pitched in and bought a few to save on shipping. Everyone was happy, and said they compared favorably to the common mizuna and adidas gis that you always see peopple with, and they're obviously a big step up from the crappy no-name, local martial arts store judogis.