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1/03/2004 11:14pm,

Sister is a Nunja Warrior By JOHN TROUPPRAY take care around Sister Rhonda Rice — she is the first nun in Britain to win a black belt at KARATE.

Nunja warrior Rhonda, 44, only took up the tough martial art 3˝ years ago.Now fellow nuns are used to seeing her practise her fighting moves in her long habit at All Hallows Convent, Ditchingham, near Bungay, Suffolk.

But Rhonda was embarrassed to admit she was a nun when she first joined the Ditchingham Satori Shotokan Karate Club.She said: “I kept it quiet. I turned up in the habit and quickly changed. I wasn’t sure if the class would like it if they knew I was a nun.

“I’m one of those people who needs a physical outlet.“But karate has a spiritual side as well. It is about learning to control yourself.“The other nuns have been very supportive of me, especially when I got the black belt. The achievement is still sinking in.”

Rhonda became a nun 18 years ago while convalescing at a convent after a car crash. She added: “Several members of the karate group got their black belt but I was the only adult.“I’ve made a lot of friends through karate.”

Club instructor Adrian Lyall said: “She had to start from scratch with the white belt and she has now progressed to black.“She had to prove that she was powerful and strong and had to be able to attack and defend. “I was shocked when I found out she was a nun — but she’s one of my best students.”

1/03/2004 11:14pm,
I'm betting that she fights on the side of Christ also....

1/03/2004 11:21pm,
Could have been worse she could of taken up TKD instead of Shotokan. Her black belt in 3˝ years? I though most Shotokan practioners got their black belts after about 5 yrs. But in all seriousness I think it shows that martial artists come from all walks of life.

1/03/2004 11:30pm,
Ha! Yeah, 3 and half years is TKD time continuum.

1/03/2004 11:50pm,
Good on her i say.

Alot of Christians cop alot of **** for doing MA , because alot of ring wing ****** people think MA is the devils work. I mean seriously, ive been a praciting Christian for years and a person who uses MA as another means of spiritual and mental development. So really, so be it with the Nun, im happy for her.

1/03/2004 11:53pm,
When I was in Karate decades ago...some of our my fellow churchgoers asked me if I meditated and practiced Buddhism.

I believe there is a book concerning Cults in America that even listed Martial Arts (Karate was called out) as a false religion practicing Cult.

I'll find the name of that book....

1/03/2004 11:56pm,
Yah dont worry about it, often times its those relegions that cant accept other beliefs or the fact they could be right, but still choose not to research it coz they think they know iti all , those fuckers are the cults!

1/03/2004 11:58pm,
Larson....Book of Cults

I have not perused the new version but Karate was listed as a cult in the older version.

1/04/2004 12:07am,
Nunja warrior Rhonda,

That has to be the worst pun ever.

1/05/2004 12:07am,
JOHN TROUP knows ****-all about MA.....

My only reaction to this article:

Shake my head and walk away saddened. I walk my own path......

1/05/2004 1:41am,
I pity that fool that gets his ass kicked by that chick in the penguin costume.

1/05/2004 8:29pm,
She only got her black belt in 3 1/2 years. But think about it guys, nuns aren't doing a whole lot all day.

They pray, study and help others. Chores as well. But they've stopped living like the rest of the world, and thus find plenty of time to do things.

If she's a nun, she's a devoted and dilligent person. So she probably spent 4 hours a day ON HER OWN practicing. Not to mention class practices.