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1/03/2004 6:55pm,
I noticed I have some bad habits for instance I tend to block instead of evading strikes I know are coming. Or evading and leaning in to make an uneeded block. Sometimes I'll swing my round houses to wide when counter kicking. I'm working on all these things but everyone gets into bad habits which are hard to break. I also need to lock in my triangles instead I tend to use it to control my opponent instead of choking him out.

1/03/2004 9:15pm,
Why would you do that? (the last one)

1/03/2004 9:24pm,
I tend to absorb more punishment than I should instead of putting more effort into my defense. I've used the taking-a-hit-to-give-one strategy pretty well but eventually you spar with someone who you dont even want to get hit once by. When I'm facing my ryu's hardest hitters its a pretty lousy strategy and I'm not expierienced enough to have a great secondary one.

1/03/2004 9:28pm,
I am not a limber guy, never have been. Even when I stretch there really is not mcuh of an increase in flexibility. But I tend to fight too "tense". Instructors always get on me for that. Or when they grab me and are demonstrating they tell me to relax and not tense up... when in reality I am as loose as I get. It is frustrating.

1/03/2004 10:08pm,
I am to myopic, tunnel vision, I do not see all openings for me or them.

Little Idea
1/03/2004 10:22pm,
I waste time on internet message boards. . .

1/03/2004 11:03pm,
i don't always put away the dishes after dinner.

1/03/2004 11:16pm,
I telegraph, and I have problems getting everything working at once ... like, I'l be kicking great but my arms will be immobile, or I'll be punching and not doing good footwork.

It'll come.

1/03/2004 11:18pm,
head hunting and masturbation

1/03/2004 11:31pm,
Off the top of my head:
I don't tap soon enough - I must love being injured and passing out.
Going for submission before position too often.
By trying to do something unpredictable, I do something unpredictably stupid.
I don't take people seriously enough sometimes - I often try a throw/takedown/sub that I've never even attempted (let alone used successfully), and I suffer for it :)

1/03/2004 11:54pm,
I keep laughing when someone hits me. I remeber i held my arms up in the air and told a mate to hit me and he did a turning kick to my ribs, hes a little fellow, i fell down like a sack of ****,and i couldnt really breathe but i was laughing. Thats a problem though, because it encourages people to hit harder when in actual act its hurting enough <shudders>

1/04/2004 12:28am,
overextending a bit with the cross, tend to give my back when trying to escape sidemounts, tend to have my head too high with that judo scarf hold

1/04/2004 12:30am,
I smoke.

I lie about smoking.

Some nights I drink too much.

"I don't tap soon enough - I must love being injured and passing out."

I like to train through injuries.

I block leg kicks with my thigh.

I block jabs with my face.

I like to get hit. I don't let my hands go enough. I'm addicted to females.

1/04/2004 12:45am,
Drink too much, eat too much, work out to little.
I tend to not get low enough during throws.

1/04/2004 12:52am,
I tend to back away alittle too much, some times I can't take a spar or incoming fight seriously, I want to fight like I'm 6'4" 190lbs, when I'm 5'7" 139lbs, I'm horriable at take downs.

1/04/2004 11:11am,
I expose my body a little to much..

I dont use uppercuts, knees, elbows or takedowns enough...

I dont catch kicks when I know they are coming..