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2/09/2009 4:32pm,
People who do combat sports, desperately need to check into a psychiatric hospital, because they are disturbed and sick in the head. These sports are nothing but pure violence, and instructors try to brainwash you into thinking otherwise. Now I have nothing against cardio kickboxing, which I teach at the gym I work at, (im an ACSM certified personal trainer and former Corporal in the Marine Corps, former blue belt in jiu jitsu, and 8 year wrestler). Instructors try to say its about scoring points, when its really not. These instructors will say anything to make it seem safe. They start you off wearing protection, going slow, then after awhile you take the gear off, hit harder, and feel like its no big deal because its about "scoring points". But you need to ask yourself, "whats the point of me kicking him in the head?" etc. I signed up to serve my country, to defend against people attacking my country. But what on earth did Randy Couture do to Brock Lesnar, that made him pound him in the head so many times? How can u call that a sport?

These instructors try to use words like focus, balance, concentration, coordination, discipline, self-control (stuff you can learn in ANY sport, lol) to make it seem like a good sport. They say its not about fighting, even though....ummm, its called "fighting" lol. And the people who do it are called "fighters", and UFC stands for Ultimate FIGHTING Championship. If you want to learn balance, concentration, etc...you take yoga, gymnastics, fencing, etc.

In any other sport, if someone is injured, everyone kneels and prays together, like when Anquan Boldin got knocked out in the NFL game weeks ago. In MMA, someone is always on the ground injured after a fight, and the whole crowd is cheering. Wow, thats disgusting.

Have you ever looked up in a dictionary what "boxing", "martial arts" means? Boxing means "FIGHTING with the fists, and martial arts means "art of war". Hmmm, art of war? Why is "art of war" being taught to people who arent in war, or to 5 year olds???

Over and over again, people in these sports talk about how safe it is, how its MUCH safer than gymnastics, soccer, hockey, etc. Compare the amount of blood spilt in MMA, to soccer. Compare the amount of people passed out in MMA, to gymnastics. NOW which is worse? If someone dies in soccer, its not as a result of SOCCER. There have been deaths in football, but because the guy got a heart attack or something. In MMA, the deaths theyve had, were a result of the FIGHT. In soccer if a guy ends up on a stretcher, its not because someone else purposely (intentionally) broke his foot...but in MMA, it IS because someone intentionally broke his foot. And, why on earth do they allow you to CHOKE people???

If soccer, football, hockey, etc has more injuries, perhaps its because soccer/football/hockey players compete on a WEEKLY basis for HOURS. Whereas in MMA and all those violent sports, they compete every month or every few months for 5-15 minutes.

So MMA teaches balance, focus, concentration, coordination, body conditioning? So does every other sport. So how come soccer players can play for 2 hours and not get worn out? But in MMA, Kimbo Slice gets knocked out in 14 seconds by a no-name guy with pink hair. Tim Sylvia gets choked out within a minute or two by Fedor. And some people get knocked out in a matter of seconds, or 10 minutes into a fight theyre worn out. Yeah, sounds to me like they have incredible body conditioning. How come Brock Lesnar went out for football and couldnt even make the practice squad for the Vikings? The best athletes in the world with the best body conditioning, are triathlon athletes and Tour De France guys. YOU try riding a bike for 8 hours non-stop up and down mountains going 40 mph like they do!

MMA isnt about fighting? So why did Chuck Lidell say in an NBC interview, "we wouldnt be doing this stuff if we didnt have issues". If MMA is about respect, self-control, discipline....then why are they fighting?

Ive seen a few MMA shows, like Fight Science, Combat Sports on Comcast...and the whole show was basically showing every way to hurt a person, how to hit them hard enough it damages their body, or gives them a concussion.....wow, thats sickening.

Who watches UFC and all these pointless sports? MOST are young people, Rednecks, College kids, Drunks, party goers, "Bad asses", people in the military who love fighting, troublemakers. If MMA was such a safe, good sport...why is it banned in many states? Why isnt it mainstream? Why isnt MMA in the olympics? Boxing and tae kwon do are, but they are on the verge of being taken out of the olympics. EliteXC was on CBS twice, and now its done. Why is it banned in many countries?

Many times, MMA people try to say, "its about self defense. If someone came in your home and tried to attack your mother, would u just sit there?"....uhh, what on EARTH does some criminal intruding in my house and attacking my mother, have to do with me getting in a cage with some random guy who did NOTHING to me? If a guy attacks you, kick him in the nuts and run. Oh no but that’s being a ***** right? Yes because if a gun is pointed at u, u DON’T want to be a *****, right? Lmfao. You can easily take cardio kickboxing, tang soo do, tai chi…no sparring involved, just hit bags and dummies, which is what i do 3 times a week.

Funny how the rate of people being attacked, assaulted, sexually assaulted, and raped is on the RISE, and in the same time, MMA people try to say their sport is fast-growing. So either these mma people are learning NOTHING about how to defend themselves in the real world, or they are taking their knowledge to the streets and beating people up for fun.

Why do people enjoy mma so much? Because they enjoy violent entertainment. They say more and more girls are taking mma, yet the rate of women being abused/assaulted and raped, is on the rise. Some girls take mma and kickboxing, etc because they once got attacked and want to learn defense now. Bullshit. If someone shoots you, you probably want to BAN guns. If some gang attacks you, you probably make an effort to get rid of gangs. So if someone attacks you and beats you up, you should want to teach people NOT to fight. By opening your own mma gym to teach girls to defend themselves or by joining mma/kickboxing/etc, ur putting more violence in this world.

How exactly does kicking someone in the head, punching someone, kneeing them in the liver, choking them out, a SAFE thing, and what is the POINT of it? How does that teach focus, balance, concentration, etc. Why is it that when a guy is knocked down and defenseless, the attacker STILL goes at him? Like when Lesnar kept pounding Couture, obviously Couture was done, and Lesnar kept going at him for 10-15 seconds...why? These fighters are hilarious, they choke someone or hurt someone, then go “omg are u okay?”. Gee, what do u think, ur the one who just whooped his ass! Then the whole crowd is cheering, and u leave the ring or cage while theyre there hurt. That’s disturbing. Seriously, u fighters need a psychiatrist.

Not to mention, almost every medical association alive, speaks AGAINST the sport. Almost every doctor, speaks AGAINST the sport. I wonder why.

Its okay for 2 people to step in a ring and beat the **** out of each other, but its not okay for 2 kids in a hallway to fight? And 2 kids in a hallway are fighting for a REASON. Why did Fedor choke out Sylvia? What, did Sylvia steal his girlfriend? Plus, school fights arent as violent as MMA fights. In an MMA or boxing fight, you actually know where to strike your opponent so you knock them out.

What exactly is the benefit of mma? Do MMA guys have better SAT scores than everyone else? Do MMA guys have higher IQs? Do MMA guys live longer/healthier lives? (That, they dont). So tell me how this "discipline, mental toughness, coordination, balance"...is useful in your life? Please someone tell me, because whenever I ask, I dont get an answer...and actually a few times Ive been kicked out of mma gyms when I started asking. What, are they hiding something? Peple these days are not capable of being disciplined. BUT, studies have shown that video games can improve mentality, coordinaton, focus. So can fish oil! So can ANY other sport, lol.

Martial Arts is a foreign "sport". Specifically most from Asia, some from Brazil, perhaps some from even the middle east. Okay so heres another thing I dont get about these pro-combat sport idiots. The people who enjoy these sports the most, are usually....yes, country people, rednecks, southerners, people who live in the midwest, hicks. Now correct me if im wrong, but dont THOSE people in particular, despise foreigners??? Everytime i go to the middle of the country, or redneck towns with my bmw, i get looked at like im some sort of freak. These people HATE anything thats foreign, so why on EARTH would they like "martial arts" then, seeing as how its a foreign "sport"??? They hate soccer, hockey, etc. They like martial arts because its NOT about mental toughness, discipline, stamina, etc....they like it because they enjoy FIGHTS. They enjoy watching two morons beat each other senseless.

Question...if ur sitting beside a friend now, or if ur around town and some random person walks by you, would you beat them up? Of course not, they did nothing wrong. So why would u beat up some random guy or girl in a cage who did nothing to you? How is that justified and necessary??
In the world we live in, shouldnt we be teaching people NOT to fight? 7 years ago this country got attacked, yet 7 years later WE are still beating each other up. Even the President of a boxing league (WBC?) said MMA is crap and barbaric, and their viewers are all people who are bloodthirsty idiots. Now boxing is just as stupid, but still. Some people say they take it to give themselves control so they don’t bully people…and that’s sad. I have perfect control, and ive never been a bully. And I don’t take martial arts or kickboxing. I did take jiu jitsu 4 years ago, but ive had perfect control BEFORE that.

Now I saved the best for last, this will make pro-combat sport people scared. Ive read articles, ive spoken to trainers, instructors, and the consensus is…martial arts, boxing, kickboxing are WORTHLESS on the streets. YES, u heard that correctly. I can just see pro-combat sport people shaking now. So why teach this stuff if theyre WORTHLESS in the streets? Because folks, theyre all about pro-fighting, human cockfighting. See, if youre on the streets, youre “off guard”. You don’t know if someone is gonna attack you, so if you get attacked, youre “off guard”, and you lose. Studies have shown that these simple “self defense” classes that last an hour, and show basic techniques to defend yourself in the streets, are MUCH more useful than combat sports. Yes…..the truth hurts, doesn’t it? People really gotta try and get this crap banned. Its one thing to learn it in a gym, practice it on dummies and bags, etc. But to compete? Thats stupid. If you're learning it for "self-defense" or "fitness" like many people SAY they do lol, then why compete???? I rest my case.

I pretty much replied,

"well, while i only made it about three paragraphs in, i realized that even though i'm apparently some heathenistic sadomasochistic barbarian bent on ruining the minds of babies and children, that i could still beat you up."

2/09/2009 4:38pm,
You should have just quoted the "OMG Lesnar and Couture are fighting!!! WWHHYYYYY?" bits and explained that they're doing so for money.

2/09/2009 4:38pm,
Where did you see this? This guy has copy n pasted this thing up everywhere. I guess this is his 15 minutes.

It is Fake
2/09/2009 4:45pm,
I pretty much replied,

"well, while i only made it about three paragraphs in, i realized that even though i'm apparently some heathenistic sadomasochistic barbarian bent on ruining the minds of babies and children, that i could still beat you up."
Where is the link?

You know better than that.

2/09/2009 4:47pm,
Its on facebook, in a group called teh "Martial arts club"


2/09/2009 4:48pm,
who the **** cares about someone on facebook?

2/09/2009 4:49pm,
tl;dr: "bawwwwww I'm a giant sandy vagina"

The guy is probably just upset that yet another sport is overshadowing his beloved hockey, robbing it of the tens of viewers it needs to be upgraded from "roughly as appealing as the SCA" to "nerdy kids might actually consider it cool some day".

It is Fake
2/09/2009 4:50pm,
who the **** cares about someone on facebook?

^^^What he said.

Well, now we know why you "forgot" the link.

2/09/2009 4:58pm,
There is no way that dickhead would have survived in the Marines.

2/09/2009 5:05pm,
I read it. That guy is trying to establish a monopoly on strawman arguments.

2/09/2009 5:05pm,
Who the **** would call themselves a former bluebelt?


It is Fake
2/09/2009 5:11pm,
I read it. That guy is trying to establish a monopoly on strawman arguments.
Do not pass go Do not collect 200 dollars.

Go directly to asshat land.

2/09/2009 5:26pm,
I like the "studies have shown..." bit.

2/09/2009 5:31pm,
I am highly offended by his assertions that people practicing martial arts are violent sociopaths. Martial artists are just sportsmen or hobbyists, same as anyone else. I hope that I someday meet this gentleman so I can set the record straight. After I BREAK HIS NECK and PISS ON HIS CORPSE, of course.

2/09/2009 5:35pm,
Some people just need to be neck cranked into a wheelchair sometimes.

That's why God invented Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

2/09/2009 5:38pm,
I am highly offended by his assertions that people practicing martial arts are violent sociopaths. Martial artists are just sportsmen or hobbyists, same as anyone else.

Speak for yourself.