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2/05/2009 1:22am,

On the Mat has an interview with Chess grandmaster Josh Waitzkin (Of Searching for Bobby Fischer fame) who is also a multi time Tai Chi Chuan champion AND a BJJ Purple belt who has had the chance to learn from Marcelo Garcia.
The interviewer asks some interesting questions that are clearly trying to get Josh to say something along the lines of how much better Tai Chi is than BJJ, but Josh gives great answers.
This article is fantastic.

*I think it's DHS worthy, but I suppose it might not be. If not, Sorry for the extra effort I've caused the mods.*

2/05/2009 1:51am,
That dude sounds like a class act. Interesting read.

2/05/2009 9:41am,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. I'm seriously envious of Mr. Waitzken's life, and not just because he gets to train 6 days a week with the gods of jiu-jitsu.

So here's the deal, while it is entirely worthy, I think this article is bigger than DHS. There are a lot of martial artists, regardless of whether or not they are grapplers, who could benefit from reading this, but would never see it because they never enter DHS. Therefore, I'm going to leave Kintanon's link in DHS for a few days and then I'm going to move it to YMAS to ensure that it gets more exposure and to open up the thread so everyone can comment on it.

As an aside, my mother, who's a Zen monk, helped me understand how BJJ was a part of my own Buddhist practice a few years ago. Consequently the last few paragraphs of the article about the presence of philosophy (or lack thereof) in BJJ resonated quite a bit with my own beliefs.

Athletic endeavors can serve as a path to spirituality every bit as much as going to church or meditating in my opinion.

It is Fake
2/05/2009 10:06am,
Yes, very good article.

Search function noobs.

Jack Rusher posted this back in October of Last Year. Yes, the CMA forum isn't all about wing chunners.

2/05/2009 3:20pm,
An excellent one. Thanks to both Jack Rusher and Kintanon for bringing this up.

2/05/2009 10:31pm,
Weird, when I found it it was dated 2 days ago, I didn't realize the article was that old.

Edit: Ahhh, I see what happened. It's dated January of last year, I hit a blog post about it that someone had made from a couple of days ago and I forgot that it's 2009. Still, Waitzkin is awesome and so is this article, so the more peopel who read it the better.

Jack Rusher
2/06/2009 10:48am,
Footnote: Waitzkin is a brown belt now. He still takes privates at Alliance NYC, these days with Lucas Lepri (an amazing Mundial gold medalist who joined us after Marcelo left for Miami).

(BTW, it never occurred to me that this article would be of a general interest here based on how the kids react to CMA -- especially LOLtaiji.)

2/06/2009 10:56am,
(BTW, it never occurred to me that this article would be of a general interest here based on how the kids react to CMA -- especially LOLtaiji.)
That is precisely why the BJJihad needs to read it, because of the LOLtaiji attitude.