View Full Version : Manhoef's 5 year old son training!

2/04/2009 9:00pm,
Little guy is an animal!

YouTube - Million manhoef at fear gala (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZixNEJ0jos)

2/04/2009 9:21pm,
When I watched the beginning of this vid, I was going to write something like 'LOL 5 YEAR OLD BLAK BELT IZ KLERLY BULSHIDO LOLLL!!!11!!11ONEONE'

Then I watched him work the pads...

Now, I've seen everything.

A 5 year old that could kick my ass...

2/04/2009 9:29pm,
Even the play sparring was awesome

2/04/2009 9:32pm,
Yeah, but he will probably grow up and want to be a ballerina or something.

2/04/2009 10:06pm,
I remember seeing this on the UG and all I could think was "Awesome, but I wonder if he'll be burnt out by 15"

Very impressive though.

2/04/2009 10:25pm,
The only downside is the major joint and shin pain he'll have when he gets older.

Matt Phillips
2/04/2009 11:13pm,
I respect the kid's ability, but I question the parent's judgement in making the child perform tricks based on signals. He's a person, not a show dog.

2/05/2009 2:32am,
I agree with the posters above, the child's style looks great, especially for the age, but I wonder what kicking does to unformed shins.

Am I the only one however who thought that that was a little girl and not a little boy? It doesn't add or detract anything, but it looked like a girl to me, not only from the hair, but from the facial features and from the skirt..

2/05/2009 2:49am,
I want to see Mini Manhoef vs. Pretty Boy Bam Bam.

2/05/2009 3:51am,
**** it, that kid looks healthy and happy.

What more could you really ask for?