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Daniel Sullivan
1/29/2009 1:14pm,

I've lurked here on and off for a while, generally when I have Googled the name of a person, art, or org that I had questions about and threads here came up in my search. Same thing that led me here today.

I figured that I'd actually register, as the search function won't work otherwise.

I practice KKW taekwondo, hapkido and kumdo (kendo really, but the school is Korean). I am also an instructor in the adult kumdo class a couple of days a week and the kids class taekwondo instructor on Saturday mornings.

Thank you,


1/29/2009 1:15pm,
In spite of what some other web-sites would have you believe, we here at Bullshido.net welcome you, Daniel Sullivan, with open arms and hope that you will share with us your unique experiences and ideas on the martial arts.... so that we may then make fun of those experiences and ideas.

1/29/2009 1:26pm,
Great to have you here Daniel,

There have been some interesting threads on the Kumdo - Kendo, here which you have probably had a good laugh at. Please feel free to contribute where ever, and as someone who has spent years in TKD, hope that you have thick skin!!


Daniel Sullivan
1/29/2009 1:36pm,
Thanks, KO'd! I appreciate the welcome!

I actually haven't gotten to any of the weapons forums as a lurker, but I will check them out.