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1/01/2004 6:39am,
I was reading that one thread about the US Army speculating about training troops in TKD. In frustration it would seem, the admin responded by saying the military should just stick to teaching a combination of boxing and judo. After reading this, it seemed to me that the admin's recommendation did actually make the most sense. Hand strikes tend to be the most instinctive blows delivered by a non-trained combatant. Western boxing deals solely with fist blows, so it is ideal in that in focuses and amplifies already present skills, making it readily learnable and applicable in high stress situations. The other tendancy of a fight (Aside from the initial striking) is to overthrow a strike or miss, causing the two participants to meet together in a clinch, from which a throw can be accomodated. Judo of course covers this well and is a very quick style which can easily overwhelm those off balance as often happens when the fight enters that nose-to-nose proximity. It seems to me that aside from also learning other aspects of clinch fighting, such as the use of elbows and knees, the combination of judo and boxing is optimal. The people reading this will probably have in mind that a person training predominantly in Judo/Boxing would be missing critical groundwork skills, something usually supplemented in a martial artists repertoire by BJJ. Then I'd also think that someone would mention that the use of kicks seems to be neglected. Thats the thing I'm getting at. I'm a lurker, I usually never post. I just keep thinking that most of the people on this sight make their assumptions about which techniques to be studied by watching events such as Pride, K1, or UFC. From this it seems everyone espouses a combination of Muay Thai and BJJ, thats what seems kind of strange to me. Though the techniques of these two systems are genuinly effective, it seems that the arena in which they are used seems to give them a bit of their advantage. I see Muay Thai people in K1 who are participating in a "strikes-only" match and they simply dominate over conventional boxers. Everything about Muay Thai seems good to me, except for kicking. Though kicks account for a substantial number of knockouts, is it really practical to deliver a high roundhouse to the head as is taught in Muay Thai? In a nhb situation, kicks to the head leave you susceptible to sweeps. Kick low then some have told me. That sounded good, but that still leaves you off balnce to an extent. It always seemed to me that keeping a stable base on gaurd for a take down was one of the most important thing a fighter must do. So why bother with kicks period, just go with the other techniques of Muay Thai. As for BJJ, of course it dominates in one on one situations, but in a self defense situation, going to the ground seems like the worst thing you could do. Everyone's heard the statement about going to the ground just allows his buddies to beat on you. Its a trite argument by now, but its cogent regardless. Keeping mobility to allow you to escape from an assailant should be your number one priority (I always assumed the mentality of most people was that you'd fight the person, only so as to allow yourself ample time to escape). So is it really reasonable for people on this site to advocate BJJ when people come around asking for help in choosing a style for defense? Seems like the BJJ/Muay Thai combination is more ring appropriate then for usage by the everyday pedestrian. Keep it simple I suppose.

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Why not just go back to what worked before and is MUCH easier to teach in 6 days? WWII Combatives.

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