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1/19/2009 7:30pm,
someone shed some light on this please. i'm tired of hearing of belts in kickboxing and being confused.

it's generally in the context of full contact kickboxing in the 80s. i know at least the full contact scene here was heavily related to full contact karate and boxing, so i'm guessing it generally refers to hard karate cross-trained with boxing, and competing under kickboxing rules.

is there any particular style of karate which is the one generally referred to for this? i know of one school here which teaches kickboxing and has belts, even though they don't actually wear them. they also just refer to the style as "kickboxing" or "full contact".

back then, most striking styles competed in tournaments, karate, TKD (used to be some badasses here back then) and such.

this came to mind again when reading Yoel Judah's wiki entry:

Boxing & kickboxing career

He had a brief boxing career in the 1980s, going 1-1 in two fights. He is also a 7th-degree black belt (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_belt_%28martial_arts%29) and former 3-time world kickboxing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kickboxing) champion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoel_Judah

so? anyone? Bueler? Bueler?

1/19/2009 7:33pm,

Only trainers have belts in moo tie, and they're kinda like BJJ. The longer you're in the game for (as well as how many good fighters you produce) the higher your rank is.

Old school 80's kickboxing BB's could be in reference to some of the TKD and Krotty schools that used to compete.

1/19/2009 7:37pm,
I do know that the WKA has belts for kickboxing and I think also for MT.

1/19/2009 8:29pm,
Our weekend kickboxing teacher has a black belt. I'll have to ask what it is since I've only heard of it in passing.

Omega Supreme
1/20/2009 2:23am,
PKA, WKA and several other schools give out belts in kickboxing. I've always found it silly considering I feel that kickboxing is a rule set not necessarily a style. Jon Hackleman technically gives out kickboxing belts. It is what it is. I should give myself a kickboxing belt. Then I would be really cool.

1/20/2009 2:39am,
I thought the PKA was dead?

Omega Supreme
1/20/2009 3:05am,
Your face is dead.

1/20/2009 4:02pm,
My muay thai instructer actually has a belt in mma!http://www.bullshido.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=9734&stc=1&d=1232485352

Mr Clean
1/20/2009 4:26pm,
I should give myself a kickboxing belt. Then I would be really cool.

You can have pink.

1/21/2009 8:47am,
Joe Lewis is a 10th dan in kickboxing....

1/21/2009 9:05am,
I am a 10th dan in box-kicking.

Matt Phillips
1/21/2009 9:12am,
Joe Lewis is a 10th dan in kickboxing....
Its actually in "American Kickboxing" and its self-awarded.

Anna Kovacs
1/21/2009 9:35am,
I was awarded a purple belt in muay thai at one point.

1/21/2009 9:41am,
Its actually in "American Kickboxing" and its self-awarded.

Actually Michael DePasquale senior awarded it to him in kickboxing. Joe's system is "american Kicboxing".

1/21/2009 10:07am,
I was awarded a purple belt in muay thai at one point.

what was the belt system, and who gave it to you? did it go the standard white blah blah blah black model?

and i thought this thread was going to be about title belts and the ranking of fighters. i never heard of krarate-esque belts in kick boxing.

1/21/2009 12:55pm,
Lloyd Irvin's Combat Thai-jitsu! I think it went white/blue/purple/brown/black