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1/17/2009 6:15pm,
Hey Guys,

long time reader and few years of martial arts primarily in Kung Fu and Tai Chi (yeah I know what you're all thinking - that's ****), I have studied Wushu, Hung Fut and Yang Tai Chi. I am studying now and not training in martial arts but am looking into martial arts schools in my local area (South eastern Melbourne, Victoria - Australia). I have found a school that teaches kiaido ryu karate that I think looks ok but I'm still gonna keep looking because it seems full of egos.

If anyone knows good clubs in the area that I'm in or about that style of karate please tell me.

Thanks WushuJames.

1/17/2009 6:16pm,
BULL RUSH ON WushuJames!!!

1/17/2009 6:27pm,
There are a few Melbourne Bullies hanging around (and Aussies in general), so hopefully one will spot your thread and offer some advice.

Welcome to Bullshido,

What sort of training are you looking for? Stand-up striking? Grappling? Mixture?

1/17/2009 6:34pm,
Im 6'3 about huge build and I have been told that I should look into jujitsu and aikido cos they are more grappling than moving around. Id really like to learn self defense for the street and think that a mixture would be suitable for me to feel confident in all situations. Id like to learn knife defence and other things like that too. I think that if I have learned anything from martial arts is that it is the people that make the club so that is the most important thing to me so Im looking for a place that is not run and filled with rough nuts.

Thanks for the fast reply I wasnt expecting it to be this fast.

1/17/2009 6:43pm,

I wouldn't necessarily say aikido is the sort of art that translates as good for self-defence for a newcomer.
Some jujitsu is good, some of it is lazy karate with wristlocks. There are a few different styles of ju/jiu-jitsu, the Brazilian kind being particularly well-thought of.
You have some excellent BJJ in Melbourne, I understand.
There's also judo, which has a great reputation for standing grappling, throws, ground grappling and it is generally easy to find.

As for knife defence... most of the stuff you'll be shown won't work.
Best defence against a knife is a gun. As you are similarly disadvantaged as we poms with regard to arms, your best bet is to run away if you can. True story.

1/17/2009 6:54pm,
I will use this oportunity to introduce a little picture I just shoped with my photoshop-fu since I am not going to typ it out all the time...

1/17/2009 7:03pm,
yeah i know that aikido is not really the best martial art for self defense (Ive even read some aikido school sites that say that). Yeah I remember when I was a kid a guy went off with a gun in Tasmania and from then on they took all of the guns off the law abiding people (criminals ofcouse didnt give there guns in) so guns is out of the question.

Yeah I think there might be a judo school around me but i think it is more a sport orientated one. There used to be a BJJ school near me but it closed down, I talked to the guy that used to run it and he said that there is a wrestling school near me too where all of his students went. Im looking for somthing that has strikes with it too though.


1/17/2009 7:07pm,
LOL that picture is funny yeah have any of you actually used it in a fight (against more than one person - Ive heard that it is not good for if there is more than one person attacking you)

1/17/2009 7:12pm,
There is no MA besides GUNFIRE - FU that is effective against multiple opponents. Never has never will. Can MAs be used effectively against multiple opponents? Yes but there is no guarantee what so ever.

And yes Judo can be used in self defense situations (search function and you will find enough on the topic).

1/17/2009 7:23pm,
yeah I think that your right with that 4n4l people don't attack like in the movie and you would be fighting 2+ on 1 at the same time so it would be pretty hard to do that and I have read a few books that say that to quote one John Perkins (attack proof book) "if someone has a knife they are immediately a 100th degree black belt". Is it generally a cheap martial art to learn I never knew that, I spose with no weapons it would be cheaper.

How long would it take to get ok as and be confident (or is that a 'how long is a piece of string' question). Have you ever used it to defend yourself did it come automatically or did you have to concentrate on what you were doing (that might sound stupid but i mean was it natural sort of...).


1/17/2009 7:33pm,
How long does it take? That depends, how fast you learn, how good your training environment is, how often you train etc. etc. It is hard to tell.
Have I used Judo in a self defense situation? No (unless you call some school pushing a self defense situation).
Have I used other MAs in a self defense situation? Yes.
Did it come natural to me? Yes because I was drinking, a lot, yet managed to keep my calm, avoid the initial attack, control my opponent and walk/talk my way out of the situation after that.
Again this is all a question of "personal situation". But I can tell you, if you train in an alive manner (against a resisting opponent), such as judo, you will increase your % of doing well in such a situation. Again, there is no guarantee for anything.

Edit: OMG sometimes my brain is not capable of using proper English! Had to fix that

1/17/2009 8:00pm,
yeah I understand what you are saying about the learning and stuff - one thing that attracts me to it is that it is probably safer to train in than kickboxing and stuff which is mainly focused on striking - I am timid nature so i think that the training would help that.

what martial arts have you used in a fight and would you recommend that to someone over judo if they have done some training?


1/17/2009 8:11pm,
Well it is hard to tell what MA it was that I used since I trained almost everything from Judo over TKD, HKD,Allkampf to MT and BJJ.
I just stepped out of his "line of attack" into his back and slapped on a standing RNC (I hope you know what that is) telling him it was a bad idea to try ****. The full story can be found somewhere around here, I discussed it in length.

I say every alive training is better than none.
There is no point in me suggesting a MA to you if you don't like it or it does not play to your "strengths"/"Needs" or it is just not available or to expensive (hence I have the Judo picture).
MA that have good reputation for producing good fighters and work in a self defense situation are (no specific order): Judo,MT,BJJ,Kyokushinkai Karate,MMA,Boxing,Sambo
Other styles may be good but the chance of finding a good school with alive training are slim.

I say check what is available (maybe even uni sport clubs) go and have a free intro class (or ask for an intro week) see which school and style you like and train that.

1/17/2009 8:13pm,
Hi, WushuJames, and welcome to Bullshido.

-The most sure-fire way not to lose fights in the streets is not to get into them in the first place. You're big and seem like a decent sort, so that shouldn't be too hard.
-I've done a bit of BJJ and judo, and they've both been a lot of fun and really educational.

I'd recommend that you make a list of schools within your travel range and sign up to watch/try lessons with as many of them as you have the time for, then report back and ask any questions you may have.

(Of course, you can keep asking questions before you start visiting schools too, but I highly recommend visiting as many schools as you can manage)

1/17/2009 8:16pm,
And now thaRuss feels stupid for typing that all out and seeing me posting the same stuff... :new_smile

1/17/2009 8:33pm,
yeah thanks for that TheRuss yeah I have been looking up places that teach martial arts and while I am on break from uni I am going and checking up on what they are like I'm not so keen as I would rush into signing up to a club that I just checked out and thought it was ok I really want to be sure that I am going to the right place this time, I checked out a karate place a few weeks ago that was ok but one of the senior students who ran the class had a really big ego and the main teacher was having a lesson from his teacher (hes 3rd dan and the instructor was 7th or somthing really **** hot) so I want to find a place that doesn't have that element (well as much of it i know there will always be the gung ho element).

yeah my uni is very small and there really is no classes taught there, yeah i get what you are saying about not suggesting a martial art cos it might not suit you. RNC = Rear Naked Choke I am assuming 4n4l?