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1/02/2009 8:48pm,
Hello all,

Just wanted to say hello to all and ask a question while im at it. I have been doing Wushu and Tai Chi for about 5 years but I want to get some more practical martial arts added into my arsenal (or create an arsenal rather). I've looked at Muay Thai, BJJ, and Sambo and Sambo seems the most interesting to me. I'm located in Charleston, SC. Anyone know of any Sambo schools nearby? I had a hard time looking for it myself.

1/02/2009 8:49pm,
Welcome aboard, JackBone! The Bullshido staff would welcome you personally, but the thing is they’re busy keeping the peace, so they’ve apointed me, a bot, to pat you on the back and assure you that in no way will you be harmed during your stay here at BS.net. Your views on the martial arts, your philosphy, maybe even your entire reason for being will be challenged, shattered, reorganized, melted down, and forged into something new and shiny, but we swear it will only hurt a little bit… at first.

1/02/2009 10:14pm,
good choice.

I have no idea what schools are around you. Have you done a Google search yet? What does that turn up? Frankly, anything that has what you listed (MT, bjj, sambo) is worth checking out.

Good luck and welcome to Bullshido!

1/05/2009 1:20am,
Thanks. I have done a google search and unfortunatly Sambo seems to be a bit of a stretch around here. It seems like BJJ may be my best option for now.

1/05/2009 1:25am,
Better choice :P

Welcome to Bullshido.
(JK, I have love for the leglocks)