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1/01/2009 8:06pm,
I'm pretty much sure that somebody's come up with this idea before. If they have, then I apologize, and recognize where all due credit is truly deserved. I would also apologize to everyone for wasting their time in advance. Regardless here goes:

What if instead of confining this martial knowledge to this wonderful (and certainly... colorful) Martial society to Bullshido.net, why not share the wealth?

By that I mean that maybe in the long run, it'd help a lot of (naive) people out in selecting a martial art by making a Bullshido checklist, or declaration of sorts. Perhaps something that is easily printable and easy for the common man to understand.

That way, people attending a Martial art school or Dojo for the first time could print it out off of the internet, and cross off and McDojo/McDojang symptoms, with the end result affecting their decision to join.

Therefore, if a Martial arts Newbie gets told by the blackbelt of a dojo that they never spar, then said newbie can ascertain the fact that he or she is wasting their time.

I don't feel like i'm clearly articulating myself, so here are a few things that can go on (preferrably 1 page) checklist:

Does the school only preform drills?
-If so, are these drills ever or at all preformed with active resistance to techniques?

Does the school spar:
-Does the school spar more than one day out of the week?
-Point sparring?
-Light-contact sparring?
-Full contact sparring?
-Is sparring reserved only for specific belt ranks?
-If the school doesn't spar, is there any reason (legitimate or not) as to why?

Does one have to pay a fee for their belt test?
-Is said fee outrageously expensive?
-Does each testing fee increase in according to rank?

How much time is spent on forms (if a traditional school)?

Does the taught curriculum seem to be too outrageous to be used practically?

Does the instructor encourage or advise against cross-training with different styles?

Are the instructors credentials well-earned, and verifiable?

Will your instructor teach you have to shoot chi balls, fly, turn invisible, or any of that other outrageous and ridiculous nonsense?

This is just kind of a rough sketch of an idea, and I apologize profusely if i'm biting someone else's idea. Let me know what you think.

1/01/2009 8:08pm,
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1/01/2009 8:21pm,
Hi Serge68! As the newness of the idea resides in reducing much of the information already available on this site to list form, it seems like an uncontroversial and productive suggestion to me. The only thing I would say is, that as so many schools would be on a case-by-case basis, and dependent on the quality and characteristics of the instructor, that it would be virtually impossible to come up with a fail-safe list. Also, it might be the case that people need to study in a particular school for a while before making up their minds, rather than simply walking in off the street with a clipboard, flourishing a pen and pronouncing bullshido when they didn't even really know what they were looking at. In this sense, the dogmatism of a list might actually encourage more stupidity, not less.

That said, without this site, I wouldn't have left a school that believed in the existence of dragons and the potent healing properties of limes - did I mention that I was also once encouraged to eat wood - to find the pure and heavenly instruction that is straight up and down boxing. Some kind of easily-consultable list would have been good.

1/01/2009 8:43pm,
You're right, and thanks for the input. Still though, aren't there any general tenants of Bullshido that all martial artists of all styles and walks of life can come together and agree on?

And what school was it that you were going to before. It's not meant as an insult or anything, i'm just genuinely curious now.

I just think (and hope that) and easily consultable list might be really helpful for potential and first time martial arts students.

1/01/2009 8:44pm,
Bullshido isn't something you can just list, you have to feel it......and sometimes smell it.

1/02/2009 12:33am,
I believe this is what you are looking for?


1/02/2009 2:35pm,
That would actually be very helpful. I though about it some more, and I came to the hypothesis (whatever you want to call it) that, maybe there should exist bullshido checklists for:

Either individual styles (eg. what to look for in a good Taekwondo or Karate school), or go even broader by making guides based on their region. Y'know, a Japanese martial arts guide, Korean martial arts guide, and etc.

This is just me throwing **** out there for an idea that I really want to make work and see in action.

Anyways, that guide (or something of similar value) would be absolutely perfect if it were short enough to fit completely in one page (or two, but brevity is more convenient), and easy enough for martial virgins to both comprehend and digest. Then, we could distribute all across martial arts, consumer, and/or business website on the internet, resulting in a major blow against bullshido!

Calming down now... But yeah... Thanks for pointing me to this!

1/02/2009 3:27pm,
****, that sounds like a great idea. I'd like to see this work out.

1/04/2009 4:15pm,
I"m going to start getting to work on this, so any added efforts and inputs will be welcomed warmly.