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1/01/2009 11:40am,
I dont know why and i cant explain it.
give me an average girl thats 7/10, give her some fighting skills, a gi or boxing gloves and she becomes a 10/10. WTF ?


You knew this one was comming.


I would marry an of them in an instant, is it because i think Martial Arts makes them cool or badass ?

1/01/2009 11:41am,
I believe this belongs in another thread. Also, Kyra Gracie has been done to hell (never get tired of looking at her though), but who's the one in the last two?

1/01/2009 11:52am,
Yeah, who's the last girl? Never seen her before

1/01/2009 12:02pm,
Yeah, who's the last girl? Never seen her before
You guys are obviously behind the times!

BUDOGIRLS (http://www.budogirls.com/profiles.htm)

1/01/2009 12:04pm,
I am legitimately mad at the world for not telling me that site existed.

1/01/2009 12:06pm,
Gina Carano is the only lady I've managed to have a crush on without ever meeting in person.

And for the record, that was only after watching a couple interviews. Either she's quite the faker, or incredibly personable. I tend the think the latter.

1/01/2009 12:07pm,
Ok... Hope somebody reads this!

When you look at a woman you rate her as a possible mother of your child aka sxe rate. If you look at a hot woman 9/10 or 10/10 she has the perfect visual attributes to make you think she would be, at least geneticly, a good match for you.

When you talk to her that also changes your assesment on her. You might get turned off if you find out she is most likeley mentaly retarded.

When you asses/not sure how you speell that/ her skills that also changes stuff. Cooking and stuff makes you think she'd be a good mother/wife/what ever.

Now if she can FIGHT! That puts you in a whole different kettle of fish. You can feel threatened by her abilities if you are a non fighter and feel weaker than her. You can feel turned on as the case here, knowing you have a kindered spirit and would be a good match for you. Subcontiously she makes an even better mom for your kid.

Or you could be just a perv that wants that dominatrix S&M ****. ;)

1/01/2009 12:10pm,
Can't it be both?

1/01/2009 1:22pm,
this thread sucks

Kentucky Fried Chokin
1/01/2009 1:48pm,
I have to agree with the chick. For a thread about wimmenz, this thread is pretty ghey.

1/01/2009 2:33pm,
Everything sucks and has been already posted.
its time for divorce.

1/01/2009 2:58pm,
so www.budogirls.com is like a fail at a porn site?

this is 1000x better:
www.ultimatesurrender.com (NSFW, idiot)

1/01/2009 3:53pm,
so www.budogirls.com (http://www.budogirls.com) is like a fail at a porn site?

this is 1000x better:
www.ultimatesurrender.com (http://www.ultimatesurrender.com) (NSFW, idiot)Plus, if you ARE looking for an S&M fix, the same company (Kink.com) runs a bunch of those websites too.

1/01/2009 5:13pm,
Men that pick women who could defend their young had a better probability that their genes would be passed on and so have been selected for. Most men will, by default, pick such women.

Studies were conducted in which guys were shown a picture of two women standing next to each other who were "rated" equally attractive by an analogous representative group when pictured separately. When pictured together, the woman of greater stature was rated more highly.

This is the same thing, I suspect. Your genetics wired your brain to looks for a girl who can handle herself.

1/01/2009 5:56pm,
I like small women

1/01/2009 7:07pm,
OP should have searched for hottest women thread, I didn't expect his thread to even last this long.