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12/30/2008 6:35am,
Hey everyone, just saying hello, my first post.

Currently training in Judo, from Australia... Have previously trained in Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Tong Long Kungfu, Wingchun Kungfu.

Joined up because there are lots of martial artists all over the world, lots on this forum (the majority of members seem to be from the states) and it's great to get an opinion from experienced trainers and fighters...

About me, 28, my dream is to one day be an instructor, teaching Judo... Also wish to begin studying another style alongside Judo, because I take this dream seriously and really love the martial arts (always love to learn more and more variety). Was seriously considering studying Aikido alongside my Judo, I know it's got a bit of a bad reputation on this forum, but I figure (from a certain point of view) it's less intensive/competitive nature would be a great thing to do when I'm tired from my judo training (one day per week type thing) and I've found it very interesting to read about at least, I don't see any harm in learning it as part of a mixed martial arts anyway... as Judo is my primary style (grappling and throws)...
Was also considering taking up Kyokushin karate, as my body isn't quite able to keep up with the Muay thai kickboxing I once did for several years (mainly my lower back)...

Would love to hear input from other members and advice...


12/30/2008 6:36am,
So judoka_akuma, you decided to go ahead and register huh? Cool. Don't forget to review your dojo (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=83).

12/30/2008 6:49am,
Greetings akuma, it's always great to have another aussie judoka on bullshido! How long have you been training judo, and do you compete?

12/30/2008 8:22am,
Hey, Been training Judo now for roughly 12 months, really great fun and never knew I would love throwing people so much... Am planning on competing next year in the 90kg and under weight class if possible... although I've heard there isn't many competitors so the weight classes are usually open, and lightweight or something?

12/30/2008 8:32am,
I fight in either the under 81kg or under 90kg, and i can tell you firsthand that the latter is pretty darn sparse at least in NSW. I remember going to a state tournament last year, being the only guy in the division and having to fight in the under 100kg.

12/30/2008 8:43am,
haha, well I walk around at about 96kg, so perhaps just bulking up and going in the under 100kg class might be the best idea, I find some of the bigger judoka, although hard to get down, use up the gas tank a lot quicker, so there are probably advantages of being in that division (for my body type) anyway...

Still, it's all a lot of fun, and great experience, even if you're losing... as long as you arn't getting injured :(