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12/24/2003 4:11pm,
Reflection On The Year And Progressive View on the New Year

Dec. 24, 2003
A lot has changed this year. It was late last year that I said enough with this being skinny ****, itís time to get bigger and gain some weight. And so it began, I resolved to stuff myself more and choke down food when normally I would say I had enough. It was very difficult because Iím not a big eater normally, which accounted for my constant weight of 135 lbs for several years. I only had access to a few weights that my parents got for me, but I made them work. I had previously worked out for endurance, taking martial arts and all my aim was more to tenderize the heavy bag. Admiring the impact from my fast fists, knees, elbows and shin is very satisfying. Researching and reading articles online I changed my workout from doing high reps medium weights to lower reps with more weight to stimulate more muscle hypertrophy. It worked; combining this new different workout with higher calorie intake I gained about 25 lbs quickly to be at around 159 lbs middle of June from my lowest point of the year at 134 lbs. I look back now at a picture I have on computerÖI was disgustingly underweight. I am hovering around 170 currently, with the goal to be 190-200 when I ďfinish.Ē I am slightly disappointed for I did not reach my unofficial goal of gaining 50 lbs in a year, which would have been pretty incredible. Yet I am happy with the way I look now, people noticing Iíve gotten bigger. Yeah I may have some image issues but Iím getting better. (Read ďsexier.Ē Muahahahahah!) I HAVE gained 37.5 lbs from my lowest point in the year to very recently.

No matter, when I return to residence at university I will have access again to machines and heavier weights. I will need to pace myself, so as not to strain my bad shoulder, wrists and knees too much. Due to some uncertainty with her schedule in the coming semester my residence area soccer team co-captain did not send in another application to continue the soccer team in the coming semester. And horrid as I am with my timetable I paid no attention to this at all, assuming the application date was later. So, no residence section soccer team is organized next semester. Good thing as my team had little actual skill and I can only do so much. This will allow me more time to workout, work on schoolwork, and look for work. I am still tempted to join a soccer team next semester as an extra player if they need me but at least I wonít have to get anyone organised. I have also decided not to do Japanese Jujitsu next semester. This will give me more time and save me some calories but the main reason is to shelter my decrepit body from the wristlocks and dumb newbs. :D I still plan to drop by at times to beat people up, er, get beat up that is.

At the beginning of the year I also rededicated myself to martial arts training. I had previously for two and a half years treated martial arts as a weekend hobby that I couldnít really care for. I began absorbing all I could, researching other styles and discovering how convoluted Wing Chun lineages were. I joined a discussion forum and have learned a lot from the various viewpoints and experiences. Now injuries and re-injuries due to training with injuries have made me realise (after so long) that Iím not young anymore and I need to take some time off. Interesting cycle Iíve noticed, from being red-hot interest wise for martial arts to being fairly cool about it now. I still have a couple years ahead of me in my old bones so I can afford to take some time off. In the next 3.5 months of the upcoming semester I plan to try to gain some weight, increase my lifts and come back strong and healed up. I will also force myself to study as the past semester I have been slacking too much.

12/24/2003 4:11pm,
Thank you for reading. That probably wasnít the most stimulating post youíve read recently but it was more of a personal reflection and plan. Feel free to share your view on the year and plans for the next year. Remember I donít consider these just ďNew Yearís ResolutionsĒ but goals I WILL achieve with my hard work, dedication and patience. These things will happen. Best of luck training and lifting to you in the coming New Year.

12/24/2003 4:27pm,
Wow that weight gain is amazing! You definitely have resolve, Piz'd. Great job.

12/25/2003 3:34pm,
Thank you. Refer to sig.....

This thread is just filling up with posts. I'm gonna go work out now.

12/26/2003 2:04pm,
PizDoff have you done any body fat measurements. Usually the best way is through skin fold measurements. The value of this is that it tells you how much of the wt gain is muscle versus fat. Take care.

12/26/2003 2:11pm,
LOL you doubter....

I'm at 14.75% BF around right now....
Had about the same or more at the beginning of the year.

12/26/2003 4:37pm,
PizDoff I wasnt doubting you. It sounds like you are on track and that is good. Often people dont pay attention to bodyfat percentages when putting on weight or losing weight and that can be a mistake. Good luck on your continuing program.

1/03/2004 1:39am,
I want to concentrate on my overall health and conditioning in the New Year. I need a new doctor..I also need some help with my cholesterol and its probably time for my first Prostrate exam. (Back off you...you all know who you are...last I checked you were not doctors..stay away from my rectum).

I want to relook bodyweight exercises---I've got a number of good references from this site actually.

I want my sixpack back. I want both the torso kind and the Honey Brown kind.

I will continue my miserable foray into grappling...

I'm going to incorporate more Yoga into my routines particularly postures that help with my spine.

More water...less caffeine addiction.

I want Sharlintier and Ice Queen to understand me.

I want to attend a McThrowdown sometime in the far future.

I plan to spend less time on Bullshido.

1/03/2004 2:09am,
Hey man, I can't even understand myself :)

oh what the hell, lets give it a try anyway

1/03/2004 9:55am,
Sounds good to me...