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12/10/2008 3:01pm,
I was shopping for a dojo recently and before finding bullshido.net, I observed a class at a Buj dojo in my city. The instructor seemed like a reasonable guy and never mentioned the word 'ninja', but the quality of the training was shocking. The class begin with about 2 min of forward and side rolling, no other exercise or stretching. Next the instructor demonstrated an arm lock and take down response to a slow motion lunge punch. The class then practiced the slow motion take down from the slow motion punch for about twenty minutes. Eventually the students got bored and began doing their own thing. The junior students (approx age 13-16) began unstructured play fighting. The black belt students (approx age 18-20) pulled out some weapons (wooden knife vs. white plastic 'keep off the grass' garden chain) and began a no-contact slow-motion sparring session. I politely excused myself from the dojo without making any commitment.

I was really surprised that official ninja training was so lame and expensive. Later, at home, I discovered bullshido.net and the definition of the terms LARP, Bullshido, and McDojo.

12/10/2008 3:02pm,
In spite of what some other web-sites would have you believe, we here at Bullshido.net welcome you, mirageSwirl, with open arms and hope that you will share with us your unique experiences and ideas on the martial arts.... so that we may then make fun of those experiences and ideas.

Kentucky Fried Chokin
12/10/2008 3:04pm,
You're welcome. You can repay us all with gliternoodz.

12/10/2008 3:09pm,
Always good to hear that people listen to the advice of this site. Too many people, it seems, dismiss the good advice this site has to offer. Hopefully you will be able to find a good MA place at which to train.
What is your goal and what style are you interested in? Also, where are you located? We may be able to help.

12/10/2008 3:32pm,
My goal is to get back into shape and to learn some practical techniques. Later I found a BJJ place near my home. The school seems very competition oriented and run in a very informal 'athletic' manner. I did the trial lesson and afterward I felt like I had been hit by a car (in a good way). I will be returning.

12/10/2008 4:32pm,
Sounds like you are on your way to fulfilling your goals. Remember train hard and tap often.