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Captain Spaulding
12/06/2008 12:43pm,

One of my favorite parts of youtube is looking up bad martial arts videos. Sometimes, all I have to do is search for anything related to TKD. "Black belt TKD" and "ATA TKD" can bring up some really funny stuff.

It was one such search that led me to this video. I now feel like I need to learn the "frog position."

12/06/2008 12:58pm,

12/06/2008 12:59pm,
Totally fucking lame. The guard pass that involves burying your head in your opponents stomach would just get you swept onto your back or choked with san kaku jime. The juji gatame was **** he needs to bring his knees together to get better control.

The biggest bullshit is the nerves crap to break a closed guard and then just waltzing past his opponents legs, who lays their like a fucking corpse.

12/06/2008 1:02pm,

Actually credit to him, maybe that's a Eddie Bravo term.:eatbaby:

12/06/2008 1:06pm,
I'm sure there are a million things wrong with the specifics, but that looks like a guard pass -> riding light -> top wristlock.

12/06/2008 1:20pm,
I would rather have punches to the back of my head than I would to my face


12/06/2008 1:21pm,
For those with nothing to do today, let's go through & make a list of everything wrong in that video.

I'll Start:

1. Rolling form the knees is done to save mat space, be lazy & ensure that ground work is being emphasized instead of clinch work. Teaching specific "takedowns" from the knees is a waste of time.

2. Intentionally putting yourself in the closed guard.

3. Closed guard with knees pinched & legs extended instead of knees pinched, heels to your butt.

4. Not sitting up in guard & framing to control your opponent but instead going right to head on chest (it's not that putting your head down to flatten someone out is a bad thing, especially in MMA but the instructor doesn't seem to realize he has other options).

5. Saying you'd rather get hit in the back of the head then the face.

6. Elbows on you opponents body instead of on the mat (armbar).

7. Nerve strike guard breaking also known as setting up the triangle for your opponent.

Ok, the pass is densely stupid so I'll leave that for others to cover.

12/06/2008 1:41pm,
I'm going to add that the attack to mount, by virtue of not really being an attack to mount at all and just being lazily flopping one's leg over your opponent's body, was just asking to get caught in halfguard.
Oh, and that abortion of a cross collar choke at the end... where to begin? With the fact that he keeps his weight directly over his opponent, as though begging to be bridged and rolled over? Or with the fact that he didn't even fucking grab the guy's collar with the other hand?

12/06/2008 1:45pm,
THERE'S NOTHING KEEPING HIM FROM RECLOSING HIS GUARD WHEN RETARDO STARTS TO PASS. After he digs his elbows in, he throws his hands up near the dude's shoulders for his spin...but there's nothing keeping the guy from just reclosing his guard. Or sweeping him. Or anything.

12/06/2008 1:50pm,
This is like an argument I had with a guy that does Taebo. He's like this is a front kick and this is a side kick and this is a... SEEE WE DO THE SAME STUFF. It's exactly the same...

Marc Spector
12/06/2008 2:02pm,
LOL, this is a black belt requirement?

12/06/2008 2:04pm,
Most of those kids already have black belts...it seems more like an after thought. Maybe a PhD requirement at the Taekwondo University, but only have you have your Masters in the K'do.

Kentucky Fried Chokin
12/06/2008 2:05pm,
It says XMA on the back of the instructor's uniform.

12/06/2008 2:13pm,
I've seen Marcelo do a pass sort of like that, but way better, and it was from double butterfly. So, I guess it was nothing like that.

Did you catch the part where he grabs the Americana with his hands in the wrong place, and then edits it to hands in the right place?

Also, he doesn't switch his hips when he does the paintbrush motion, so there isn't a lot locking down the opponent's position.

Also, he's a tard.

His ass couldn't have been farther from that guy's shoulder on the arm bar if it was in prison and they were pen pals.

Transcendent Sunchips
12/06/2008 2:40pm,
Spaulding, you're a masochist to take the time finding and watching these videos. I stopped watching after that "guard pass". If I wanted to know more, I just read what other people posted regarding this train wreck.

If you actually comment on these videos, I think you might need a suicide watch.

12/06/2008 2:44pm,
By suicide watch, he means a watch that tells you it's time to commit suicide.