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12/21/2003 2:59pm,
Toronto Christmas McThrowdown - Sat. Dec. 20, 2003

Apparently people get sick and have family....
Turn out was not what I wanted.

Piz Doff, IronMung., karatefighter, Repulsive Monkey and later Angry-Monkey came.

It was at a community centre, the matted space was unavailible.....we had a nice soft warm hard cold dirty tiled area to work with instead.

Started with some minor instructionals 1 on 1.
For a couple minutes just to get to know each other.
Then standing kickboxing.
Then grappling with one guy starting in guard and then switching positions later on.

Then some knife and stick playing around.
Then finally AM came around and he did some kickboxing as well.

There was supposed to be another today, on Sunday.
But due to lack of participation and everyone beat up that was coming we postponed it to a later date that will be decided.

12/21/2003 3:37pm,
Speaking frankly......

IronMung sucks!

karatefighter - Eat. Work out. Get bigger.
Work on leg kick defense like we talked about.

I actually now remember the kick you hit me with in the chest.
It didn't really do anything. You didn't seem to put power or weight behind it, it just pushed me back.

BUT your two-jab(?) combo near the end of the first round (?) knocked the breathe out of my lungs hard and I wondered for a bit if I could continue. You might want to finish that up with a low kick next time as I couldn't really walk for a couple of seconds.

Try no to retreat linearly as much. (My problem as well.)

IronMung. - I don't know. I guess work on equalizing leg power. (Huge problem for me due to injuries....)
Watch for crazy dart ("modified" toe) kicks from 6' Chinese guys.
I didn't even think I hit that hard. Must have been the good placement.

Oh yeah, nice "stop" side kick or whatever you call it. It hurt. :D

Heel hook gave my knee some strain but it didn't hurt. Not sure if I can tell if I took any damage from that as my knee there has always been fuct.
Guillotines: You "shouldn't" really jerk them like that. I was starting to throw up on the first sub you got so I tapped. The other semi-standing up one I wasn't sure whether you were going for suplex or neck crank or guillotine. :D

Repulsive - Stop side kicks worked well on me. Thank you for kicking me in the bladder.
Other than that I wasn't hurt by it.
Learn some more subs. Your positional control is good.

AM - Next time......

I'll share with you guys MY kicks that I use next time.
I gotta learn a spinning heel/ or hook kick.

Grappling - First off, I suck.
I'll admit that....
And further I can't put much into practice with my TRIPLE FUCT WRISTS!!!!

Though you guys saw the benefit of physical body conditioning, especially my neck. HHEHEEH!

12/21/2003 8:26pm,
Yeah, it was great meeting the guys. It seemed very ego free and open to discussion.
Good stuff.
I DID want more people though.

IronMung. - Actually......seems on of my tendons on my right knee is slightly inflamed from the heel hook you put on me.


12/21/2003 9:38pm,
People brought some respectable skills to the table on Saturday. Mung is wickedly adaptable, which makes for fun, challenging fighting. He throws nice blitzes and has a solid ground game. We didnít get a chance to work on stand-up grappling with each other this time around, but will get to it soon enough.

PizD has lots of range with his kicks and punches, as well as a terrifically spongy bladder. As a shorter guy, fighting with him is a bit of a contest of wills, since each of us struggles to work in the range that he is comfortable with. Both of us need to work on groundfighting, but thatís what you get for a TMA base, I guess.

KarateFighter is still working on bridging his boxing skills to his base in Shotokan, but is already showing himself to be an adaptable fighteróI didnít discover until later that Judo training was likely what made him hard to take down from standing position.

The other Monkey showed up late and hung over, but still made it tough as hell for me to do stand-up with him. Strength coupled with a dynamic skill-set add up to be a pain in the ass for any opponent.

As for me, I always worry a little when I come to these things. Given the reputation of Tai Chi on this forum, I always feel that it would be eternally damning to suck. The good news is that I feel that I represented this time, and that the constructive criticism from the other guys will add a lot to my game. Iím looking forward to drilling subs and seeing improvements from everyone the next time we get together.

It was a pleasure to work with such a nice bunch of guys and not have to put up with any attitude or ego. Iím pissed off at the turnoutóa whole lot more people said that they were going to make itóbut hope to see more faces next time.

12/21/2003 11:56pm,
Apologies for my absence. *lowers his head contritely at RM*

Some padding makes the whole endeavour a lot more fun though...

Any idea when the 'later date' would be?

12/22/2003 1:54am,
Next time, baby, next time.

You guys go ahead and set up a date that works for you. My schedule is a lot more flexible than Mr. Crimson No Show (so bitter . . . so very bitter). Seriously, though, I hope to see you next time.

Sundays are definitely better, since we'll have access to the area that isn't a dirty classroom with a hard floor.

What happened to Ronin?

12/22/2003 5:52am,
An enjoyable occasion indeed.

Everyone brought something unique to this gathering. Minds were receptive and reciprocation from all parties was definately existent - everyone had something constructive to say. Apologies for my intensity level... I have a tough time controlling instinct - as I had mentioned... my teacher emphasized crashing hard. No animosity here... I really enjoyed our time and more specifically our exchanges both during physical and mental exchanges.

Repulsive Monkey (Geoff) and I had met prior to this event and had done some grappling and touch sparring the first time. It was short but sweet. Our second meet at the "T.O. McThrowdown" was much more different. We had increased the intensity level, power was increased and the overall desire to penetrate as well. Repulsive was onorthodox in his attacks often swiveling his arms around my linear vertical fists to attack my vulnerable hooking angles - good timing. It was an odd thing through my perception so I often resorted to leg and mid section kicks and the timed crash which consisted of straight blasts and the occassional hook to the head. My best suggestion as far as your standup is concerned would be that you develop a more defensive system (perhaps the use of evassive foot work or parrying), I often felt it appropriate to crash. His ground game was impressive for someone who isnt trained in the dynamics. He began to deal with my vines, and inuitively knew how to put pressure and maintain his mounted positions. Give him some submission training and things will be much differerent. Geoff, seemed more reserved than I. He seemed to strike lightly (slightly harder), respectively and cautiously, specifically, his side kick which was barely chambered (Im assuming that it stemmed from his desire to maintain composure and disallow himself to allow the intuitions to take over and release fury). With more power, things would have been much more different. There is no doubt in my mind that you have the power (your fajing demo is proof).

Piz doff (Jorai) presented something I was a more familiar with - straight line attacks. His ground game was weak that day due to his injuires (sorry If I had pertuated them, I neglected the fact during our exchanges.). He provided me with my first experience of being "winded" with his solid and precise "dart" kick to my solar plexus - I don't think I would have continued unless it was life and death...

Our standup exchanges also resulted in my constant attempts at leg kicks... I didnt crash too much, because I began to realize my over intensity. When you recover and we spar than I can criticise more. My main suggestion would be that you develop a leg kicking defence. Good job though, your neck is tough as hell. Overall, I need to work on my awareness of linear front kicks... because your kick was ignored until contact was made.

KarateFighter (Steve) was groomed more like an mma fighter than the rest. He had some nice punching combos and his ground game showed knowledge in submissions. When exchanging with Repulsive in your standups, you showed some slipping ability which I admired as well as some nice body shots. More sweeps in your guard and overall development of mount and positional control... I was impressed with the triangle, you almost got it.

A main concern during our punching exchanges would be your defense and sense of timing, I feel this is also a concern for everyone else, but our exchange is a good example to use to explian this. You struck with straight attacks and backed off big time once i timed your completion, you could have done the same thing to me. be aware of the moments of vulnerability and how to use this acknowledgement to your advantage. Cheers.

Angry Monkey (Seiji) We sparred once within the standup limitation. He had similar strikes that I use. He distanced and created enough levearge with his arms to evade from my straight blasts and he was timing nice evasive movements away from my low line kicks. He has a outside in crescent kick - lots of speed, and he seemed to have a mean round kick from the one directed at my mid section. I watched him clinch/grapple with Geoff and I was impressed with his solid base. I know hes good, we just didnt spend the time to find out. See you next time buddy.

Final thoughts...

Knife sparring was fun... I'm glad everyone was willing to take a lesson on stick vs stick defence, hopefully you'll embrace more. Geoff... Thank you for the push hands lesson, I'm going to work on my rooting. Steve, your thoughts on submission is helpful. Jorai, I'll give that neck strengthening exercise a try. Seiji, you and Jorai gotta show me some wing chun excercises.

At the... I learned alot about myself, specifically, my emotional tendencies. I'm beginning to think more of my interaction with others in the cirumstances we welcomed (the McThrowdown)... I hope I didnt seem pretentious and egotisitcal, as I know these types of events can catylize such behaviour... Not to mention my weaknesses in my martial skill... I hope to have evolved by the next event, I feel like I already have.

Take care and happy holidays.

12/22/2003 7:47am,
Sorry guys...
Life throws curve balls !!!!!

I apologise for not being able to make it.
It seems that I am NOW the designated "picker upper of old women coming in from the old country for Christmas" !!!!!!!!!!!

I got stuck in the airport for 3 freaking hours on Saturday !!!!!!!!!
All to pick up my, get this, mother-in-laws great aunt !!!!!
I mean, is that even a family memeber ????????????
It seems that my father-in-law was TOO busy, and since my time means DICK !!!!! I got the pleasure of airport duty.

Death would have been less traumatizing !!!!!

IF we do this again, and I hope we do, AFTER the holidays.
I WILL be there !

Damn, large ass families that still talk to each other !!!

12/22/2003 9:39am,
*glances at Ronin*

Dude...c'mon...SURELY you can come up with a better excuse than that!?!?


Ok, fine, I admit I wish I'D thought of that instead...:p

12/22/2003 9:51am,
Its a typical European thing...
Some old lady from the "old"country, in this case Portugal, comes over for Christmas, all dressed in black with a freakin Baboshka !!! and she hates to fly, praying the rosaria the WHOLE flight, trying to bring FOOD in her luggage !!!
3 hours later they call YOU in to customs and YOU need to explaine what is going on !!!!
She brought soup inside a METAL pot !!!!!!

I need rub n tug !!!!!!

12/22/2003 10:11am,
I arrived late because of my going to sleep at 5 and heavy drinking. Which was very stupid of me since I knew that I was supposed to be there the next day.
I still had fun though for the few hours that I was there.

First impressions,
Pizdoff is a duber. He just sat on the side the whole time then took a break for an early lunch and never got back to training :p Hee hee. IronMung took charge of the little gathering from what I could see. You have a rather broad skillset, I think it would be lots of fun to train some live stick work with you, I'll try and bring my foam bats next time. Karatefighter, you seem like an extremely competent armchair grappler, well versed, lots of knowledge but not enough practice in application yet. Repulsive Monkey, I was so surprised during our little takedown exercises, I usually think that if someone is smaller than me (which doesn't happen very often at all) then I should have no problem, you proved me very wrong.

Memorable moments:

I'll start with geoff and our takedown exercises. The only damage I did in that whole exercise was because I forgot to cut my nails the night before and I slashed open one of your toes, still so very sorry :) I thought I finally had you in that RNC, but then you somehow managed to torque my ankle and I had to let go, very very nice. I had sprained it abouta month and a half ago and it has only started feeling normal again two weeks ago. That may have been why I let go almost right away, but there was still lots of pressure. Knife fighting was fun, we both died too many times for my liking. Our standup I could tell you either had no energy, or you just didn't feel like putting anything behind it, which is fine. We both slipped in some sidekicks, neither of us did any damage. I'd like to see what it feels like sparring with you at a bit higher intensity.

IronMung, lots of good stuff to learn from you. I wasn't sure what level we were sparring at until you started throwing some really solid roundhouse kicks. I can honestly say I wasn't ready for that while in the condition I was in. It was still lots of fun. We do fight very similarly, and I'd like to get a piece of you before you are all worn out next time. You got in a lot of realy simple jabs to my head, and a solid roundhouse to my ribs. I would be happy to show you some wing chun stuff next time.

Karatefighter, I think we only did a little bit of groundwork together? I was laughing quite a bit inside when I tried to standup while in your guard and you grabbed my ankles forcing me to backpedal quickly and then fall on my ass. I could tell you were completely worn out, and was impressed with how long it took me to pass guard. That was a fun drill, I've never formally worked ground stuff at all, only wrestling with friends that don't know anything. You need to teach me how to do submissions next time. I know what they look like, and I know what they are supposed to do (make you tap), but it doesn't work for me, heh. And did that "modified scarf choke" do anything at all? I knew it wasn't choking, but was there pressure of any sort?

Well that's my pseudo commentary of the event, I look forward to the next meeting.

12/22/2003 12:29pm,
ahhh dont stress it fellas... poopoo happens.

We can do this another day. Weekdays or weekends.

Maybe we could get another gathering in before people head back to school... which is roughly January 6th.

12/22/2003 1:28pm,
yeah i had a great time, i'll write a more in depth review when i get the time but thnx to everyone involved i had a great time and am still very sore.

12/22/2003 2:29pm,
How are those legs of yours karatefighter? I softened them for everyone else.


"Maybe we could get another gathering in before people head back to school... which is roughly January 6th."
I'm out the 4th. Before that would be great.

Repulsive - Gee thanks. I do iron bladder training sometimes.
You kept trying to stay in a wacked out range for me. Between kicking and punching for me.
Feel free to try to do more damage next time to me. (I'm scared!)

AM - You came at an odd time. I was contemplating where I was going for lunch.
I need to eat frequantly to keep my weight up.

I think I'll be healed up by the 24-25th. My shoulders and wrists aren't getting better anytime soon.... *SOB!!*

12/22/2003 2:32pm,
That means our options are the 27th, the 28th and the 3rd. Please post availability and preferences, everyone, even if they're after the above dates.

12/22/2003 2:38pm,
hmmm... now that i think about it... I think the centre is closed for a couple of weeks for holidays.

I'll reasearch and find out.