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12/01/2008 5:29pm,
At last a deadly street style. As you'll learn from the interviews BJJ is great, however, on the street there is always broken glass, rocks, cement and 5 bystanders trying to stamp on you (WTF). The style under discussion is "street practical".

YouTube - Freedman's Method -- Street Practical Testimonials (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYvfjR8Cqbk)

Here is their RANDORI.


12/01/2008 5:42pm,
In my BJJ we regularly train on broken glass and dirty needles. Also I love the second video, classic larp.

12/01/2008 5:45pm,
If you can comfortably do your randori in jeans and a polo shirt, you're doing it wrong.

12/01/2008 5:50pm,
Why is dog **** never an issue in these 'reality' fights? There's loads of it on my street. That stuff can make you go blind. And once you get close enough, it really smells.

Rene "Zendokan" Gysenbergs
12/01/2008 5:51pm,
I would really want to know what the guy in the first vid at 0:45 trained before he became "street practical". It wasn't Bjj, even if he makes it appear that it was.

12/01/2008 5:53pm,
I want to know what american taxes are spent on?

UK streets are not covered in glass and rocks. Our local council tax ensures that our streets are cleaned regularly. This makes BJJ far more practical for self defence in the UK.

12/01/2008 5:55pm,
OYG it's like watching retards imitate aikido!!! SOMEBODY KILL THEM NAO!!!

The Fake Macoy
12/01/2008 5:55pm,
I thought the first video would have more footage with lousy music, so I was a bit disappointed that it was just people being interviewed in someone's living room. Also, you need to roll around on the ground with someone for 10 minutes in BJJ? I hope he spars someone who does groundfighting, and we'll see if he lasts for even 3 minutes.

12/01/2008 6:01pm,
I love how nowadays, traditionalist are always very, very careful to be polite and complimentary when criticizing BJJ, lest they be challenged to an actual fight.

12/01/2008 6:04pm,
HOLY CRAP!!!! At the beggining of the rendori they mention saint Bas Rutten!!! Blasfomy/how ever that's spelled/

12/01/2008 6:08pm,
What about in poor countries where there are no streets does BJJ become more practical in Yemen or Uganda?

12/01/2008 6:11pm,
Second video thoughts-Wouldn't it be great if someone "on the streets" attacked with slow, looping out of the way punches? I'm pretty sure I would never be attacked like that in Detroit. Next time, during randori, I'm going to request my sparring partner to go as slow as possible.

12/01/2008 6:19pm,
the man in video makes a lot of valid points:biggrin: LOL

12/01/2008 6:22pm,
Wow....the sheer amount of douche baggery evident in these guys is hysterical.

One of the classic assumptions that these clueless gits make is that any confrontation in the real world is on the "street" and by street they actually mean a literal "street".

Well, I grew up in a rural area where wrestling was huge. The majority of fights that I was in or witnessed growing up happened on all sorts of surfaces.....grassy fields and lawns, carpeted indoor floors, tile, indoor basketball courts with that slick wooden finish, dirt roads. I don't think I ever saw a fight that actually happened "in the street" on asphalt. And on all of those surfaces, there was no issue with taking the fight to the ground and using GnP or catch wrestling to very good effect.

I love how these TMA jag offs are trying to repackage their outdated crap as RBSD or some other such nonsense. It amazes me that they don't even realize how assenine they are making themselves look.

12/01/2008 6:25pm,
all i know is that i dont want AIDS from some crackheads dirty syringe.

Seriously where do people like you go, in the slums?

12/01/2008 6:28pm,
all i know is that i dont want AIDS from some crackheads dirty syringe.

Then stop collecting them. They are not bottle caps. There is no refund for recycling them.