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12/01/2008 3:04am,
Just a question.

I love watching mixed striking arts. I'm not too big a fan however of "MMA" as the grappling, while realistic, and difficult, and highly effective, is a bit boring to watch to me. I like Kickboxing to a degree and regular boxing, but I was wondering if there was a serious "Striker's Competition" that was televised.

Anyone know of anything like this?

12/01/2008 3:05am,
In spite of what some other web-sites would have you believe, we here at Bullshido.net welcome you, HWalsh, with open arms and hope that you will share with us your unique experiences and ideas on the martial arts.... so that we may then make fun of those experiences and ideas.

12/01/2008 3:58am,
I say K-1 and everything like that will be the right thing for you. Or just find a fighter you like, and youtube will help you out.

And though at first grappling looks boring, when you get a grasp of what is going on, it is very exciting to watch.

12/01/2008 4:33am,
Muay Thai boxing is what you're looking for my friend, i'm from australia, and you can catch it on the sports channels every now and then.

Muay Thai has most of the strikes you can imagine as legal, i.e. elbows and knees .etc, however it quite often ends up grappling while standing up.

12/01/2008 4:42am,
.. And there's always Chuck Norris' World Combat League if it's still happening.

Matt Phillips
12/01/2008 12:27pm,
San Da and San Shou too (in all its Chinesey goodness)
YouTube - Liu HaiLong HL (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS5PEZsORUg)