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Matt Phillips
11/27/2008 8:49am,
So I decided to get off my fat ass and get back in the gym. I've been avoiding getting back into MA for years due to single parenting and a badly healed leg injury, but now my kid is 13 and fairly autonomous, and I figured why should my leg keep me from doing just boxing. This and the interest in reviving old-school pugilism on this site have gotten me motivated to start the new year early.

Anyone with advice/experience coming back from a long lay off, I sure would appreciate any advice you have on PT, diet, etc.

Lu Tze
11/27/2008 9:38am,
Remember to duck.

11/27/2008 9:45am,
I've got also got a bad leg and came to boxing after a protracted period of sitting around doing nothing. Boxing doesn't bother my leg nearly as badly as CMA did, although, as a southpaw, I sometimes find the constant jockeying to get outside my opponent's foot makes me worry that I might slip and do myself a mischief. So far so good.

As for diet and exercise, I only did two things differently but they both worked a dream. The first was learning how to jump rope (at 39, I had never jumped rope in my life), and the other was going on a 2,000 calorie diet (up to 2,500 on workout days). I started losing weight and getting lighter on my feet almost immediately.

As for conditioning, I do bagwork, sparring, and a simple weights, abs, pylometric circuit we have in the gym. The simplicity of it all is what's so appealing.

Good luck, and I'd love to hear how it works out.

Kambei Shimada
11/27/2008 9:47am,
Keep your hands down & your chin up.

Matt Phillips
11/27/2008 9:51am,
Thanks; good stuff. How big a change was the 2000 ca diet for you (i.e., how much were you eating before?)

Also Southpaw, but I'm not worried about falling. The injury was to the tibia, so I'm worried about Thai kicking and leg checking mostly.

11/27/2008 10:12am,
Well, according to Fitday.com, I need just under 3,000 calories to maintain my current weight. At my most glutinous, I was probably eating somewhere between 2500 and 3500 if it had been a day when I ate fast food, drank booze, or had one of my wife's delicious desserts.

Having reigned in my bad habits a little since then, I reckon 2000 calories is a cut of about 500-700 a day.

Depending on your own calorie needs to maintain current weight, that's probably a reasonable cut. It's certainly been fine for me. I've already lost 20lbs in the last eight months, and ideally want to lose another ten. However, I want to lose it slowly, and no more than one or two pounds a week. That way, I reckon I'll have a better chance of keeping it off.

11/27/2008 11:48am,
one of my wife's delicious desserts.
I formally offer to eat your wife's delicious desserts, if you feel you are unable to.

(not a euphamism. I hope she makes cheesecake)

Also, boxing is t3h gay. All of that man-dancing... Do something manly like brazilian jiu jitsu.

11/27/2008 11:57am,
Please. Rolling around on the dirt, what other brands of hooliganism are you going to try to sell us? Boxing is the manly art of self defense. Gentle-manly, even.

11/27/2008 12:42pm,
I just want to point out three things...

Well, according to Fitday.com, I need just under 3,000 calories to maintain my current weight.

1) This is probably a very rough approximation. Better than nothing, though.

Anyone with advice/experience coming back from a long lay off, I sure would appreciate any advice you have on PT, diet, etc.

2) There's a section on these boards called Physical Training, Diet and Health. It's pretty neat. You should check it out.

3) Your new username is much better than your old one.


Now, having finished that little detour, if you've been inactive and are looking to become active, take it slow. As great as it feels to go balls-out now, think of how rotten it'll feel to be stuck on the couch again a few weeks from now because you didn't give your body time to adapt to the extra stresses you're putting on it. Be upfront with your instructor about this, and they should be able to accommodate you with a gradual increase that'll be sustainable over the long term.

Or go balls out like I do and spend every waking moment in pain. It's awesome.

11/27/2008 1:20pm,
best advice in general: take it slow.

don't start out like a maniac or you'll be suffering from some nasty injury before you know it.

personally i would say forget all the diet crap and just start moving, after some 3 months evaluate your situation and make a plan,make sure to set a goal.

for example: in 4 months from now i want to be able to do at least 50 to 60 minutes of cadans (spelling?) training without gassing out.

goals help you get started, work your way to one point, when you're there take a second goal and so on.

but start slowly and easygoing.

11/27/2008 1:31pm,
Abs, abs, ABS.

Also, whenever you shift your weight into one foot (which is gonna be whenever you're doing anything other than jabbing) remember to sit in your stance, get low, your next movement depends on it.

11/27/2008 1:34pm,
Shiticus going on about dietYeah, that's actually how I did it, to be more precise. I didn't worry about diet until I was about six months in, by which time I had got my cardio up to a place where I wasn't puking and crying after 15 minutes.

The 2000 calorie diet came later, but along with jumping rope, has been one of the major boxing-related health epiphanies I was describing. I was fat and inactive, though, and had no prior MA experience, and it sounds like the OP's situation is different at least as far the latter is concerned.

But, yes, I'm also big believer in taking it slow and in moderation. Trying to effect multiple lifestyle changes in a sudden manner is a recipe for failure in almost any aspect of life.

11/27/2008 5:08pm,
What specific leg problems do you have? Can you jump rope without messing up your leg?

11/28/2008 11:08am,
-Don't skimp on the fundamentals
-Learn how to properly wrap your hands.
-Invest in a two pairs of gloves (one pair for bag & pad work / one pair for sparring)

These aren't specific to coming back after a long lay off, just things about starting in general that someone once told me.

Matt Phillips
11/28/2008 1:26pm,
Thanks everyone. I'm psyched to get back in there. I have a lot of pumpkin pie to burn off.

11/30/2008 7:33am,
Also, boxing is t3h gay. All of that man-dancing... Do something manly like brazilian jiu jitsu.




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