View Full Version : top 10 MA article aksmen.com Ashida kim wtf!?

11/27/2008 12:21am,
This is the kind of **** that breeds mcdojo going bullshidoka, i usually like the articles on askmen.com and was pretty excited when i saw this top 10 article until i saw aikido was number 9 on their list then i knew it was going down hill but this is just uncalled for...


i mean seriously WTF!?!?!
you'll be please to know that Tae Kwon Do came in at number 5 and kung fu at 4
maybe this should have been a YMAS post but i didn't know where to post it. I think Askmen.com needs to check there resources or at least have a clue what there talking about when they write an article like this.

11/27/2008 12:22am,
Apparently we should avoid asking those particular men.

11/27/2008 6:43am,
I think this belongs in YMAS. The article seems pretty typical of a lot of "Most deadly martial art style" articles. It also has Bruce Lee listed under Karate.

11/27/2008 7:30am,
I like the XMA video to go along with the Ninjutsu section. Best line, "ninjutsu is not specifically taught today, yet many martial arts use some of its elements." See? There's a little ninjer in all of us.

Evil Solvalou
11/27/2008 7:39am,
There's a little ninjer in all of us.
A good laxative should fix that.

11/27/2008 7:41am,
At least now i know Ice-T does jujutsu.

Leon S Kennedy
11/27/2008 11:20am,
They forgot to include Al Bundy as a follower of BJJ.

Snake Plissken
11/27/2008 11:43am,
more like "Ask Cocktuckers"