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12/19/2003 2:29pm,
What is it with "toughguys" ????
They DON'T train and they think because they can whip some poor schmucks in a "street fight" that they are fighters???

In the mike valley thread someone mentioned a hockey player and this reminded me of a cute story.

A few years back, oh about 6 or 7 I think, probably 7, I was bouncing at a club called "Monopoly".
There was this OHL "toughguy" causing ****, I told him "time to go" he said, "**** you short ****" or something original like that, I said "now" he did the "surprising" sucker grab and punch, of course the punch never landed, he was on his ass and I had him in a choke, when my buddy took over, all 6-5 and 260 of him, he escorted the guy out, but, outside he started **** with the head doorman, well, by the time I got outside, to the back (they took it around to the back), he had his head in a car door and the doorman was slamming it on his neck and shoulder, he then proceeded to stuff him under the car, that's when we stopped it.
Now the OHL guy was 6-2 maybe 230, the head doorman 5-11 190lbs, the differnce, was the doorman NEW how to fight.

Now, I am sure that the OHL guy knew how to fight, COMPARED to other hockey players, but , that does NOT make him a fighter.

What is up with these people ? seriously ???

12/19/2003 2:37pm,
Maybe I've taken too many to the head, but what does OHL mean?

12/19/2003 2:39pm,
sorry, Ontario Hockey League.

12/19/2003 2:43pm,
All attitude. If enough people think or tell you you're tough, you start believing it yourself. Till someone proves you wrong, anyway.

Little Idea
12/19/2003 2:44pm,

Just curious, were you drinking when you wrote that? Your spelling is usually better.

Most 'tough' guys don't really want to fight. They want to intimidate people with their toughness.

12/19/2003 2:48pm,
Tough is one thing, stupid is another.

Bouncers are like bikers. You mess with one of them and all their buddies will jump in.

I have yet to see a situation in which one drunk asshole did not lose to 1, 2, 3 or more sober bouncers.

Heard about it, but never seen it.

12/19/2003 2:50pm,
I corrected the spelling, sorry about that, I rushed the thread while on the phone...

12/19/2003 2:55pm,
The hockey guy defintely sounds like a terminal asshole.
Speaking of toughguy-ism, sometimes I think people tend project it onto people just because of their build or the way they look, even if the wouldbe toughguy is just being a normal unassuming guy.

12/19/2003 3:03pm,
most guys that think they are tough just have big EGOES.

Put them in a boxing ring etc they will **** themselves and never come back!!!

12/19/2003 3:04pm,
i think it goes back too ancient days.
apparently, when there was wars between the celts and the romans, the celts used to dress half naked so your could see how big their privates were, so this intimidated the romans when u had this big 6 ft 200 lbs ape-guys running up to you with axes and flashing his balls.
i think this is where they get the i am bigger im am superior to you thing from

12/19/2003 3:05pm,
I agree. It's all attitude.

I volunteer at a local high school for kids with learning and behavoural problems. You can see some of the most feared "tough guys" in the school, are all attitude and intimidation. It's also great when they get in you face, and they realize that you aren't impressed. Suddenly, they go from "I'm going to kock your bitch ass out" (I had that said to me once), to "I'm just playing, don't get all serious. I'm playing." Then it's all about saving face for them.

12/19/2003 3:08pm,
Originally posted by DANINJA
most guys that think they are tough just have big EGOES.

Put them in a boxing ring etc they will **** themselves and never come back!!!

You see this a good schools all the time. They think MA is for pussies or something, then get owned, and they leave and never come back.

WingChun Lawyer
12/19/2003 4:20pm,
Unfortunately, at least down in Brazil, the toughguy may actually be packing heat - even in nightclubs.

12/19/2003 4:23pm,
NO ONE gets into a night club with a gun OR knive in Canada, we have searches at the door.
There is always a chance of course, but its minimal.
Its getting shot OUTSIDE that is the problem.

12/19/2003 4:29pm,
True Story Ronin

12/19/2003 4:31pm,
You asking or telling me?
If you are asking YES , 100% true and not that uncommon.