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12/19/2003 1:28pm,
There was thread a little while ago about possible fallout from the Last Samurai. Well apparently it started with Kill Bill. Will Samurai be the new Ninja? Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Samurai Kickboxing....

"Samurai Kickboxing, Self Defense & CQC...

We have Samurai Kickboxing (An aerobic workout with wooden swords, learn the moves of Uma Thurman & Lucy Lui) and Self Defense classes available during the day starting at 9:30AM. Our evening class, CQC, combines Aerobic Kickboxing, Self Defense and Boot Camp into one fun class. No uniforms, now bowing, no belts. Simply an awesome workout in a fun atmosphere where you actually learn to defend yourself."


12/19/2003 1:29pm,

12/19/2003 1:41pm,
OHS NO!!!11

I can't believe this crap. the scariest thing is years from now he'll be bragging about how his school was the first "Kardio Katana" studio in the country!

12/19/2003 1:47pm,
you deserve a workout today....at Mcdojo.

12/19/2003 1:49pm,
"We have Samurai Kickboxing (An aerobic workout with wooden swords, learn the moves of Uma Thurman & Lucy Lui)"

Bulshidokas... TO WAR!!!

Bard of DorAr
12/19/2003 1:50pm,
Well, it had to happen eventually. Those of us with weapons training and of that bent were starting to feel left out with everyone obsessing over CMA and BJJ anyway.

::sighs:: Just wish I had thought to open a school before now, could be rich.

12/19/2003 1:57pm,
Next up : BJJ for the mud wrestler !!!!!!

Whiteshark, you getting jiggy with homes !!

John A Butz
12/19/2003 2:11pm,
The question is, do I get my own "made in taiwan" stainless stell wallhanger "kertaner" with my first free lesson?

12/19/2003 2:14pm,
It Slices
It dices
Ideal for making juliene french fries and cutting onions

Call now, and get 2 for the price of 1 !!!!!!


Beneath Contempt
12/19/2003 2:33pm,
Do none of you remember the famous series of books "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teach Karate"? This was a fairly *serious* series called "The art of the bo", katana, nunchaku and sai respectively. There were illustrations of kata and sections on application vs multiple opponents etc.

12/19/2003 3:04pm,
Interestingly enough, in a sword martial art I trained in a few years back, the workout was one of the hardest on the body, and most intense of any martial art I have ever taken. Still, cardio sword work? Yuck!

12/19/2003 3:10pm,
*shakes his head in disbelief*

Why am I shocked.

I shouldn't be, but I am.

Next it will be Shaolin Samurai <insert martial art here>

Two different regions of the world, but hey, who cares? It's McDojoland.

Bard of DorAr
12/19/2003 3:17pm,
I'm not so much disapointed in hype period, but that long hard work of groups like ARMA and other european swordmasters get to go back to square one for Katana hype.

Slow years of getting it into people's skull that Samurai weren't unstoppable and Katanas weren't the ultimate god of sword play. ANd what'd'ya wanna bet it starts all over again?

12/19/2003 3:22pm,
be afraid be very afraid, next it will be six year old sword masters, who are too little to actualy lift a real sword

John A Butz
12/19/2003 3:25pm,
Bard, you hit it right on the head. Another fad that will generate massive amounts of misinformation about the samurai...

they don't mention the "katana sword" on there anywhere do they?

That phrase drives me nuts...katana means sword...saying katana sword is like saying rapier rapier...


Bard of DorAr
12/19/2003 3:25pm,
Well, so long as they aren't being allowed to instruct classes by the school's swordmaster, we should be okay.

No, that has nothing to do with that seven year old black belt being allowed to do that.

Honestly, not going to whine too much about the new hype so long as I don't have to explain why edge on blocking is stupid eight thousand times again.