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11/08/2008 2:51pm,
Much of what could be said here is available on the school's homepage, but I'll cover the few things it doesn't. Firstly, this is top-notch instruction. Dan is well versed in JKD, having trained with Dan Inosanto and his students. He's also a fitness expert, with a background in nutrition, physical therapy, and survival tactics. It's about as no-nonsense as it gets. You show up wearing workout clothes you can move in. Getting your own stuff is recommended, though there's extra pads and weapons for when you need them. Dan is there unless he's sick or missing a limb. In over a year of instruction, he was absent three times. Also, Dan is Dan, not Sifu, or Sensei, or Sir. Call him any of the others and he'll probably make fun of you (just for a bit). The focus is practical training. What works for you, works for you. Dan has his favorites, but if you like something else, he's cool with that. If he thinks it doesn't work for you as well as you think it does, then he'll SHOW you, usually through both instruction and sparring. At least half of any given lesson is sparring or live fighting. I recommend both a cup and mouthguard in addition to all the pads you might want. Class happens 3x week for an hour or more, depending. You pay for a month and how often you come is up to you. Wednesday is groundwork, and it is WORK. Saturdays is open sparring, which means anybody but anybody can come by, no questions asked. Fighters from multiple disciplines stop by often, and the rules are what you make them. Many people go VERY hard in this time. All skill levels are welcome and interact fully. While I was there, we had a couple women interested primarily in self defense, some wrestlers, a number of very experience martial artists, and everything in between. Contact, difficulty, and instruction are all modified by experience level, but it's a community and everyone trains with each other. Agression has no place in this school. NOBODY will tolerate it there, and it's against the culture of the group to fight wildly or dangerously. If you get a little keyed up now and then, they'll help you reign it in, but the school is there to train intelligent fighting, not berserkers. Cross the line and they'll put you down, hard. There's a lot of specialized live drills: knife fighting, kali fighting, 2 on 1, 2 on 2, elevator fighting (fighting with limited space). These help you round out your skills in practical environments. Additionally, there are a bunch of seminars each year, Eric Paulson, JKD specialists, BJJ specialists, Police and Special Forces training. These are optional and extra, but well worth the money if you're a serious fighter.